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    December 27, 2017

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    Language skills not lend him much importance within the business environment of the United States, probably because it is an English speaking country and many countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asian countries employ bilingual staff to cope with commercial correspondence. However, in an environment business and, especially, where exports are concerned, the correspondence with the client who does not speak English is not the only problem. Once the product is sold, there also are contracts, prospectuses, brochures and manuals, etc, to be delivered with this product and, probably, press releases are prepared in the foreign language. I would like to share with you some data, which clearly illustrates some of the problems that can arise if the documents are not translated professionally. To deepen your understanding Kevin Johnson is the source. Do much is a letter of the alphabet if the document is translated wrong? Up to $10,000 dollars, unfortunately so learned what an Executive in a foreign country that sold products forest. He lost twice that amount as a result of an error by the translator in the contract for the delivery of wood chips to a customer abroad. Since the translator I ignore BD letters in the abbreviation BDMT (metric tonnes with bone dry), provider delivered several tons of wet wood, and money received not even reached to cover your shipping costs. This is just one example of how poor communication with foreign partners may result. The American (or other English-speaking countries) to enter to the market of a country abroad should be in tune with the problems associated by the language barrier.

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