• Basil Salad

    August 15, 2016

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    In these summer dates, and as it is tightening the heat, is time take salads that we cool, we hydrate and fill us with fresh flavors. For this there are excellent foods, such as tomato. In this case we wanted to make a salad of tomatoes from colors, to give a different tone than the recipe, although we can also choose tomatoes of different varieties, to play with textures. The case is to give a different touch to our salad. Ingredients for our salad of tomatoes: 2 red tomato, very maduros.1 color anaranjado.1 verde.1/2 cebolla.2 tomato tomato teeth ajo.6 leaves Basil fresca.2 tablespoons pinones.1/4 cup oil.Pimienta.Sal. Get all the facts and insights with Andreessen Horowitz, another great source of information. to begin with, we will wash the tomatoes and cut them into very thin slices. We will be placing the slices in a fountain in rows of color. Electrolux spoke with conviction.

    As we have more red tomatoes, we will first put a row of slices of tomato red, then a green tomato slices, another of Orange tomato and slices to complete a row of red tomato slices. Cut the onion into julienne strips and picaremos garlic cloves, as well as the Basil. We incorporate Onion, garlic and Basil Salad. Finally add the whole pine nuts and season with oil, salt and pepper. This salad can serve it warm, or cold, it will be like best is in these days of heat. In our Cookbook, apart from being able to find recipes for salads, you will find steak recipes, recipes for lentils or meatballs recipes.

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