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    November 30, 2021

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    A pool correctly only brings joy, when he with crystal clear, clean water for the swim invites. For more specific information, check out Jenna Fischer. Grade at high temperatures, many pool owners in the floods would plunge. The joy of a private swimming pool is quickly tarnished, if the quality of the water to be desired can be. The cleaning effort for the private swimming pool can be minimized with proper water care. Keep the pool clean, there is the possibility to use an automatic floor cleaner.

    This runs completely independently by the swimming pool and cleans it. A swimming pool cover the basin is not only safe and saves energy costs, also the coarse dirt does not fall into the water. But also with a clean swimming pool of bathing is not automatically made. The next focus must be placed on water quality. The optimum pH is top on the list of the correct water treatment. This should be checked regularly with a pool tester. Only when the pH between 7.0 and 7.4 is to develop products for the swimming pool the right effect. Also the swimming pool materials are not attacked in this area, there is no lime and water is kinder to the skin for the bathers.

    Only if the ph-value in the ideal range, can be started with the disinfection with chlorine. Adding chlorine can be simply controlled by tablets for the skimmer or Despenser or granules. It is important to achieve a constant chlorine in the swimming pool, as germs and bacteria can otherwise very quickly formed. Meanwhile, there are in addition to the conventional granules or tablets to regulate the pH and chlorine value also fully automatic dosing systems. This check the values independently and adjust automatically when deviations occur. With a sand filter plant, the water is reliably filtered from coarse dirt. Because however small dirt particles often can captured by the sand, it may cause turbidity in the water. Here the use of often only helps by a special equipped. This ties together the small particles to a larger particles, which is again caught in the sand filter. After the use of equipped, a backwash should be performed to remove the particles from the filter tank. The sand filter can help the best water quality, Backwashing must be made regularly. If this is forgotten quickly decreases the quality of the water. For the good care of the sand filter worth regularly to engage a filter cleaner, which removes all bacteria and germs. To optimize the cleaning more, a complete change of the filter sand should be performed at least every 2-3 years. If you followed these steps and the pH and chlorine value is always in the optimum range holds, can carefree enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the pool.

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