• ABS Bearings

    March 8, 2020

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    Use appropriate and just working (not worn) tool. A diagonal ball bearings do not need to understand the workshop. Erection and dismantling of the types of bearings (in the case of the first generation) should be done on a hydraulic press. To this must be dismounted bearing housing. Meanwhile, some manufacturers have special tools adaptations that allow mounting and dismounting bearings directly on the car. This saves time in the event of a car with ABS, and on some models allows you to avoid further testing geometry chassis. Before installation, check the bearing seat for the oval.

    This can be seen painted on the dark side of the outer cage bearing old or crater forms on its surface. The following basic rule: pressing or drawing bearings lubricated slug seat should be made only on the outer cage. When vpressovke hub inner bearing collar to "Trim" an appropriate tool. Stupichnaya nut must be tightened with a torque prescribed by the manufacturer. Tapered roller bearings are open bearings. When you work with them workshop requires an exceptional integrity. Namely, when replacing the bearing to follow the correct position holder, mounting, dismounting the brake disc or hub does not damage the sealing edge glands to lubricate the working surface of the rollers and fill the lid to use only the recommended lubricant. Backlash should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer.

    The last point is, having directly related to safety. This is – prescribed by the manufacturer time to tighten the nuts stupichnoy. Important: wrap stupichnoy nut wheel hub to rotate. At the same tapered rollers should take the appropriate provisions in its guide track. If we do not impose any requirements on the amount of movement, bearing manufacturers recommend stupichnuyu clamp nut (weakened) so that lock washer can be moved radially with a screwdriver. But it is necessary to avoid undercutting the components (the principle of the lever.) Should also be remembered that the correct setting for the backlash podshipnikavazhna functioning of the sensor ABS, so for this reason is not rare disorders in the brake system.

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