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    Kerstin Surra

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    He saw the sea and the desert. Steppes and Plains stretched before his eyes in immense distances. You will weave a bond, fixed and unzerreissbar, between those who go and those who come.” The meaning of this prophecy will slowly recognize OLE. But until then, he bathes in Buttercup fields, costs of the flowers of death and dances with the creatures of the night in their secret realms. Our heroes conjure up a golden shimmer over all paths that go with charm, wit and a heavy dose of poetry. All those who engage in this journey are wrapped in a cloak from star dust.

    They are listening to the scent of the desert in the nose, the singing of the high mountains in the ears and the green of the jungle beneath their feet, the stories, up dip from a crystal ball. It would be nice if you knit up by Gaukel, the Planeswalker and OLE without fear, Viola star seeker and also by me, and on the steps of the Moon!” Karin Schweitzer: you’ve described wonderfully. You will want to read your novel. But who is Kerstin Surra? Kerstin Surra: I’m 39 years old, mother of two young children and live in Cologne, Germany. In the beautiful city, where has always been beautiful stories are told. Books have played have always been important in my life.

    You write and to illustrate very much fun me. Karin Schweitzer: Yes, that you realize if you read your texts. How long do you write it? Kerstin Surra: How long I already write? As long as I can remember. When I couldn’t write I invented the stories in my head and always expanding. Writing learning has kept my head about to burst. Karin Schweitzer: what are you writing? Kerstin Surra: What do I write? I do not want to set me. Currently I am writing children and youth books.

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    Even Years After The Silence Of The Saws Of The Rainforest

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    The marginal zones, the remaining after a grubbing-up, fragmented forests of rest, lose more high vegetation after the silence of the saws. Get annually more than 2 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere through burning and decomposition of fallen trees, a large part of it comes from the tropics. Dr William Laurance of the Brazilian National Institute, for research in the Amazon in Manaus but stresses that this CO2 even up to 42 percent higher must be set on emissions by an average of 7 percent, in some areas. “Cause is a the ragged edge phenomenon”: the marginal zones, the remaining after a grubbing-up, fragmented forests of rest, lose even after silencing the saws more high vegetation. In a field study spanning 18 years, Dr. Laurance and his team investigated greenhouse gas emissions by 66 isolated residual forest area of various sizes.

    They noted that in their peripheral regions due to their vulnerable against strong winds and other extreme climate conditions position trees and Underwood will wither and die, rather than to continue to grow. Was the effect of the forest up to 300 metres into the Interior of the remaining forests that are measurable and persists for at least four years after the actual clearance. In the thinned areas more than a third of biomass was lost as compared to intact rainforests. The decomposition of this dead organic matter by fungi and bacteria cause significant amounts of methane, CO2 stored in the wood is released, both major contributors to the greenhouse effect. At the same time biomass is lost by this additional vegetation loss, which could absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. In a follow-up project, the scientists using computer simulations calculated the resulting from the loss of CO2 emissions for different fragmentation scenarios typical in Amazonia. They simulated three logging methods with degrees of deforestation from 5 to 95 percent: the many small plots of smallholder farmers in southern Amazonia, the large-scale deforestation for cattle farms in Eastern Amazonia -. both together are for the majority of tropical forest loss in the Amazon area responsible – as well as a random scenario, in which wild deforestation were simulated.

    The highest amounts of carbon were lost – at each all degrees of deforestation – uncontrolled grubbing-up and the small farming plots scenario. Due to the occurring here larger number of fragmented forests of rest in addition occurring forest and CO2 loss was two to five times higher than in deforestation for cattle farms, which remain comparatively large and uniform remaining forests. Uncontrolled grubbed-up forest areas with their usually very irregular running forest edges proved vulnerable to the loss of vegetation, even at low degrees of deforestation. After the calculations by William Laurance which amount to the ragged edge phenomenon”caused additional CO2 emissions in the Brazilian Amazon region between 3 and 15.6 million tonnes and between 22 and 149 million tons in all tropical forests. These numbers appear first rather unspectacular. One must recall, that occur in the many small residual forests carbon emissions of an annually in addition destroyed rain forest area of 150,000 to 1.1 million hectares correspond to”, says Laurance, who at the same time indicates that its results to reflect the problem not once in its entire extent. Its surface to measure of biomass loss were surrounded by forests of reforestation and so relatively sheltered from the wind. Usually are remnants of forest that remain with the reclamation of pastures and fields, completely unprotected. Therefore, Laurance and his colleagues call that grubbing-up measures largely avoids the formation of fragmented forests of rest. U. Karlowski

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    Germany Seeks The Super Sound

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    “Loop station of zoneLINK now music fans and professional beat mixer can make their music discs still unmistakable: with loop station” zoneLINK for Mac and Windows, build your own beats, create individual sounds, and surprise with original grooves. “” “Electric”, HipHop & Black Music”or vocals” with the royalty-free samples, beats and loops can create creative her own music composition and maybe even to stars are online. Ulm – the word loop (English: loop) is originally a piece of tape in the recording studio glued together at both ends. The term loop is music composed for electronic”for a sample that is so cut that one several times in a row can play it without any breaks. For example, drum samples and accompanying rhythms can be.

    The three loop collections of series are zoneLINK loop station Add-Ons for music programs, which provide high-quality additional content for these programs. With the contained royalty-free sounds, samples and loops. If you would like to know more then you should visit bmw. also with individual tracks, you can compose simple and intuitive new songs. The rich Fund of beats as a CD-ROM in WAV format is offered. Read more here: electric vehicles. “The collections of the series loop station” can be used easily on Windows and Mac computers in music production as follows: MAGIX music maker, audio sequencer Ableton Live, Apple GarageBand, Apple logic, eJay, cuBase, Propellerhead reason, Digidesign Pro Tools and many more. Who moves to electronic dance music, more than 800 beats of techno, House, deep house, progressive House and breakbeat in zoneLINK loop station electronic inspired the”. The samples are between four and eight seconds and can be mixed together on single tracks also completely new.

    Hip, rapper and the whole circle of Black Music, see the collection loop station hip hop & football”over 400 samples in length from four to 16 seconds for your own creations. With the loop station vocal “music creative from a rich collection of female and male voices and choirs can draw package. And who want to, can his composition through voice changer, reverse stranger and hooks to a bizarre musical experience. Here an overview of the available collections of loop: loop station electronic over 800 loops between 4 and 8 seconds between 120 and 128 BPM (beats per minute) construction kits for loops and samples from the areas of techno, House, deep house, progressive House & breakbeat loop station HipHop & Black Music over 500 loops between four and 16 seconds of construction kit for straight hip hop, gangster beats, JazzHop, soul, funky beats, street hop and many others with additional scratches, Beatbox sounds, breakbeats loop station vocals over 500 loops between four and eight seconds of construction kit for loops and samples with male and female voices, choirs, voice changer, alienation and hooks for all three packages applies: 60 minutes samples, loops and sounds with individual tracks all loops, samples and tracks in high quality WAV format easy to import in any music program such as MAGIX music maker, Ableton Live EJay audio sequencer, Apple GarageBand, Apple logic, cuBase, Propellerhead reason, Digidesign Pro Tools and in many price each additional license – and royalty-free: EUR 19.99 ISBN loop station electronic: 978-3-940182-45-6 ISBN loop station HipHop & Black Music: 978-3-940182-43-2 ISBN loop station vocals: 978-3-940182-51-7 system requirements: PC or Mac, sound card, any music program to read and edit the WAV files press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: 089-12007277 Web: E-Mail:

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    Sharks: Hunted Hunter

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    It could be that our knowledge of many shark species will be limited once, that often a huge bite and we fear them had them. More than 450 million years ago appeared the first sharks in the seas. Today, there are about 350 to 370 species, hand span large copies up to the largest fish in the world, the 18-metre-long whale shark. Precisely the two largest, the 15-foot basking shark and the whale shark, feed exclusively on plankton and are as peaceful as yet largely unexplored. Mistakenly, they are still considered underdeveloped’ ancestor of bony fishes viewed. But there were already small bone fishy water animals as the first cartilaginous fish originated.

    Both have evolved independently of each other and are fundamentally different. Sharks have no solid bone skeleton, have no proper scales, but a body blanket with skin teeth, and also no swim bladder. Despite this lack buoyancy organ, the widespread rumor is not true they would have to remain constantly on the move, not helpless to sink to the sea floor. Many species resting on the seabed, some high seas forms take breaks in between, retire to sleep even in caves. Thanks to their perfect body shape, they can effortlessly swim and easily adjust their height – sharks need no swim bladder.

    Equal their body shape has changed hardly a perfect survival machine in the long period of their development. This evolutionarily successful, almost timeless model – as only a few fish – head is Elektrorezeptoren, has captured those electrical signals and evaluates can be. This facilitates may navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field in the endless expanse of the sea. Main function of this electric organ should be however the a radar are tracked with the hidden prey. Even though it’s an ancient way of life, sharks have highly developed, the bony fish basically superior reproduction methods.

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    GmbH Kiefholzstrasse

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    “The home media GmbH shows online-marketing Dusseldorf at the trade fair for the first time their new multimedia, interactive product presentations, as well as the corresponding B2B platform infoclips.tv equal with two innovations in the field of online video advertising” is the company home media on 17 and 18 September to the OMD 2008 in Dusseldorf at the start. A new service of the Berlin-based company produces interactive, multimedia product presentations (info clips) Infoclips.tv and it provides product manufacturers and online retailers on a specially developed distribution platform available. The product info clip is characterized by its high quality and emphasizes informative consultative character. NG Capital LLC might disagree with that approach. As a compact, multifunctional information, info clips offer a substantial added value compared to traditional online video ads”or product videos. In connection with the online sales platform infoclips.tv was an independent and highly effective online marketing system, its usage in addition to higher conversion rates and Volumes also significantly better consulting and services, a stronger market penetration and a consistent brand presence promises. Content and functions of the info clips are collected as needed according to the modular principle. Main ingredient of all info clips are specifically produced upon request for each product, high-quality product videos. To come intuitive 360 views, photos with zoom function, interactive hotspots, texts, tables, PDFs etc.

    The feature LIVE advice”provides consumers with the opportunity to clarify open questions directly from the info clip with the respective customer care in contact, via chat or alternatively via the contact form. With the help of the online sales platform can infoclips.tv learn registered product manufacturer and online retailer of the info clips offered. Here you will find the corresponding HTML links, which the info clips quickly and easily embed settle in shop or other Web pages. The statistics tools integrated into the platform enables permanent monitoring and an effective Evaluation of the marketing measures. A use-dependent charge on a CPC basis is calculated for the streaming of the used info clips. With the flexible budget-controlling-tool, a precise control of expenditures is guaranteed. The home media GmbH combines film with interactive media.

    In addition to the services of infoclips.tv, the range of home media includes the production of game -, advertising and image films, 3D modeling and compositing, full service HD post production, as well as dynamic rich Internet applications. Managing Directors are John Ash Raden, Nishan Gorontzy and Moritz Wessendorff. Infoclips.TV on 17th and 18th September 2008 at the online-marketing Dusseldorf, Hall 11, stand B46. We are looking forward to your visit. Like we make a personal appointment. For more information and exclusive test access to the password-protected at the moment beta version of infoclips.

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    Middle East

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    Those who see Islamism as a temporary sliding phenomenon in the world are on the one hand and always to seek solutions, since they are not brave enough or responsible. On the other hand, war or those who want to ban the Islam stand against dictatorships as the best means for the fight against terrorism and Islamism. Where does this process of radicalisation in all countries of the Middle East without exception? I believe the fundamentalist ideologies, are and at the top of the jihadist ideology that lead the motivating forces of Muslims born in the West, fight of terrorism against their own country, as well as against people and dissenters. But where does this process that people share less and less for the fate of people in others in the West are interested in the world? Still keep cool, sustained and intense public debate about the war in the Iraq, Islam and terrorism has created a far more informed citizenship. A few people in the West knew terms like Jihad, fatwa, genocide and even less Dhimmitum before 9 / 11 and before the American liberation of Iraq and Caldwell Assyrians. Even less did they discuss about Christians in the Middle East or repealed Quranic verses or had an opinion about the Islamic nature of the beheading. But today these questions with knowledge are discussed by bloggers, talk show hosts and even in police headquarters.

    The outcome of the war in Iraq, will have to do I think of less with a breakthrough on the human rights issues in the Middle East and the question of the Middle East than with the degree in which civilized people understand the nature of their enemy and together find the common fight against the darkness and violence. That means that Liberals, Democrats, and fine thinkers remember, that the dialogue and the courageous policy can change the future the answer could be quite decisive. The history gives us enough reasons for optimism, because so far the peace and the Democrats, and the Democrats retain the upper hand. To create one have proved this people, immortal nation be. Raif Toma

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    Industrial Revolution

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    With a privileged location in the Northeast part of the coast of the Iberian peninsula and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona deploys all its charms as the second most important city of Spain, both extension and number of inhabitants. In addition, it is the capital of Catalonia, one of the seventeen autonomous regions that make up the Spanish territory. In Barcelona there are two official languages: catalan, generally spoken in all of Catalonia, and the Spanish in Castile. The population in the city reaches 1,500,000 residents, however, this figure grows quickly if taken into account the more than 4 million living in the surrounding areas and the large amounts of tourists who constantly occupied its cheap hotels. The capital of Catalonia is, without doubt, a Mediterranean city. A leading source for info: Mercuria. Not only because of its geographical location, but also by their historical processes, their traditions and their cultural influences. The history of Barcelona dates back to the founding of a Roman colony during the century II.

    The modern Barcelona experienced an abysmal growth and a great economic recovery during the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, in the second part of the 19th century. So much so that in 1888 hosted the world’s fair, a symbol very clear of the productive capacity of sustained work and expectations that fed the rest of the world to the city. Culture and the arts flourished in Barcelona and in the region of Catalonia. From there the splendour of catalan modernism is one of his most celebrated legacies in the entire planet. Barcelona, more than just a city, is actually a collection of cities multifaceted and diverse. Those who visit it and do not know their history may feel surprised that such urban and modern pole jealously preserved its Gothic-style buildings. The contrast between the maze of narrow streets and the perfect lattice of the Eixample, made late in the 19th century as urban growth project, may cause them some curiosity.

    When you visit Barcelona, you will surely need some type of accommodation booking to ensure you will have a place to stay. Don’t worry, the hotels offer is wide and varied, both in the center of the city and in more remote areas. Thus is possible to make your stay in Barcelona is it more economical and durable as possible. Victor Tejerina HotelesNow.

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    BestMebelik Gift

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    " However, to give the animals must be cautious. Because these are living creatures, not toys. But there is a special kind of animal who can donate safely without fear – woven panels and shapes – cat, rooster, turtle and others. Them in any home find a place. Such a gift would prefer even to those who are allergic to wool. And if someone from your friends collect figurines or butterflies, for example, spiders, then you are such a thoughtful gift for a long time run the risk of remembered, but also often mentioned in the delightful stories of the owner of the collection. Among the figures in our catalog for some reason there were no bears, a collection which collects, for example, your favorite friend? Well, give us a call and check the possibility and terms of manufacturing such a woven to order favors! For girls and women who love povertet front of the mirror, just need a dressing table mirrors, dressing table or floor mirror. Incidentally, these same persons are likely to be interested in all sorts of screens from the catalog BestMebelik.ru. And the selection of mirrors in our online shop is quite wide – a baguette, and no, wall, floor, water-resistant and even rattan and sea algae. Choose a baby gift? Believe us, cozy children's corner, such as a crib on the second tier, which have to climb the ladder, a neat desk, comfortable tables, shelving for books and toys will be a memorable gift for baby! After the child is very important to feel that he has his children's world, its own territory.

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    Plato Self-esteem

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    Thus, if self-esteem is high it expresses the feeling that one is good enough and is ready for different situations that must be addressed in the course of life; low self-esteem involves dissatisfaction, rejection and contempt for himself, by which emerges the impossibility of being able to perform certain tasks, so there is a sense of disability. Self-esteem has to do with the expression of attitudes of adoption (acceptance) with respect to the ability and value of himself, self-concept refers to the collection of attitudes and the conception we have about ourselves, which is of vital importance to the subject in their interpersonal relationships, in a general way the self-concept and self-esteem have references with the image of himself. With regard to how this affects in the You interrelations, Renny Yagosesky says, in social life, everything we do has to do with people. We live in a permanent state of interdependence in which all we need each other, and what one does affects the others in different ways. Under that is not possible to live and perform but through the social relationship, it is easy to guess that we need to learn to relate to obtain and provide more and better benefits for all. That is the fate of the political animal that talks about Plato to refer to man. However, not everything is so simple, since each who relates with others from his level of consciousness, your balance and your internal disorder, from their particular way of experiencing life and interpret it; from what he learned and reinforced over time; i.e. from its devaluation or self-esteem.. General motors shines more light on the discussion.

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    Lama Anagarika Govinda

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    Fate: God’s plan. Source: bobby bland. Providence: God’s control. In the Unlike the clairvoyance, which is regarded as a physical person’s inpiduelle ability, consulted the Oracle always a higher instance. By the expectation of answering a question the Oracle also differs from the prophecy, which is uninvited. In the extended sense is also the place where the Oracle was given as such. Oracle sites can be sanctuaries such as, for example, Temple.

    The best-known example is the Oracle of Delphi. 1. the I Ching or Yi J? ng: Book of changes is a collection of line drawings and associated sayings. It is the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. (2) yin and Yang are two concepts of Chinese thought. They stand for polar or logic each other opposite and -logic yet related forces or principles. The dual nature of man between heaven and Earth gives him the freedom to choose. The concept of I was based precisely on this freedom.

    Source: Lama Anagarika Govinda I was a comprehensive build in 64 hexagrams (hexagons), or images, Explanation of the future on. A Hexagram is made up of six lines, which each can occur in two different ways: as a solid horizontal line (hard) and a horizontal line interrupted in the middle of (soft). All 64 hexagrams are formed from these two line types. The characters are from 2 3 lines, so from two trigrams”inferred. The lines have different rank and importance after her place within the system (as seen from below upwards). The accentuated lines of the lower half character entering the characters, are coming”which emphasized lines in the upper half characters are going. The bottom and the top line of a character are always linked to other characters and do not belong to the core characters. 64 images or basic characters (identical to the expression of Hexagram) describe: forces (1 + 2), situations or tasks (3 + 5 + 6 + 10), family (31 + 37 + 54), personality traits or skills (4 + 8 + 9 + 14), concrete activities (hiking, 56), political Phases (11 + 12 + 18 + 21) usually contain abstract terms with multiple interpretations.

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