• Zoological Parks

    March 8, 2020

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    Zoological Parks – Zoos appeared over 3000 years ago, when Chinese emperors created a huge park with animals, called "Gardens of the mind." Today, in many large cities have a zoo, aquarium or terrarium, where You can watch the animals and fish. (Similarly see: “Howard Schultz Starbucks
    ). Nevertheless, the existence of zoos is a lot of controversy. Defenders of zoos argue that citizens are at least occasionally be in touch with nature, to understand and appreciate the beauty wild animals, but zoologists conduct research and work to preserve the rare fauna. Opponents believe zoos that keep animals in captivity should not be: for them this kind of life is unnatural, and in zoos, they are still poor and suffer from stress, malnutrition, filth and disease. In the old animals kept in zoos, learned to speak in front of visitors.

    Now it is done only in the circus. The problem of zoos to show animals in their natural environment. Of course, it would be best to preserve pristine wilderness areas with all the plants living there, and let people go on trips. Some zoos, such as in in the U.S., keep animals in conditions close to natural: they are walking freely in large enclosures with trees. From their visitors do not separate metal grille and glass.

    Animals can be seen from the special open-top buses. In most of the zoo can at any time to visit an inspector to check whether a well-kept animals. Zoo hires servants to care for animals, zoologists, veterinarians, accountants, gardeners, Builders and many people of other professions. The task of Directors to organize efficient work of his subordinates, starting with the selection of food for animals and ending with the contents of the souvenir stalls. The entrance fee is given to zoos, but most of them also needs and state funding.

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