• Vodka Cocktail

    June 29, 2019

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    750cm3 1 liter = 35 oz = 1 24/25 oz dash: a short dash. (1 / 8 Oz.) 1 splash: a long dash. (1 / 6 Oz.) Tsp.: 1 teaspoon of tea. Top: Complete. When we have to build a drink we need to know exactly how many ounces will come after the ice built. Here, Reade Griffith expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If for example you enter 10 ounces then put the ice, and the recipe calls for 30% of vodka, we add three ounces of vodka. There are several ways to prepare a cocktail from the simplest to others that need a lot more production, this will vary the ingredients and the kind of cocktail that we are preparing.

    Direct are served directly on the glass or cup where the recipe specifies, always putting ice first and then adding the different beverages from high to low alcohol content. Cooled To perform this type of drinks we must have a blender or composition as well as a mixing spoon, stir gently just consists of the ingredients with ice (preferably cubes, as crushed ice melts too fast) in such a way not dissolve the ice too long to not spoil the mix. Shakes The batter by hand using a shaker, which is filled with three quarters of a glass with ice, preferably cubes. Ingredients is then added, in an order of alcohol content (you start with the most graded alcohol). It is mixed with energetic movements until the water starts to condense on the outside of the shaker, indicating that the drink is cold enough (6-8 Sec). Liquefied and / or Frozen The alcohol-based drinks and fruit, among other ingredients difficult to combine with another method, usually prepared using a blender until they get a smooth consistency. If used this must be crushed ice.

    This method should be used only when the recipe requires. In this type of frozen drink special care must be taken in the proportion and type of ice, as this varies constantly because of the weather and the type of conservation. Flambe Such combinations should be heated, and this is used either as a shaker and a stainless steel container, where it ignited the liquid. Use gloves or a rag because it tends to warm shaker.

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