• Venezuela Economy

    March 24, 2020

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    Decentralization of public administrations, since these are conceived as simple management of local affairs according to economic criteria. Ideological uniformity. The attempt of elimination of social orders, ethical, moral and political local are an obstacle in ideologies, which precisely aim the formulation or affirmation of values in these social orders. See more detailed opinions by reading what Stuart Solomon offers on the topic.. Not the slightest doubt, that the end of the cold war prompted the globalization of economic blocs, reactivated the ecological agenda, and it has also accelerated the process of technological innovations and above all of the communications, as well as a new scheme of competition that is not military but economic. At present, three large blocks of markets are identified: the North American market, primarily under the weight determinant of the economy of the United States, the common European market and Asia led by Japan, but in where China is also playing a significant role.

    The globalized economy is accompanied by very important legal and political changes, all that the international community-based and comes to be the voice not of a country in particular by more powerful as it is, but a group of countries which respect the rules of democracy. All this makes it necessary that these aspects should be taken into account, and more in a country like Venezuela that is experiencing a turbulent scenario and that maintains a dynamic economic activity because of oil which is its support of warranty for its economy.

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