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    November 8, 2013

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    The man is born frees, person in charge and without excuses. Jean Paul Sartre In the measurement that the civilization advances within the time, properly identified in the years and her crises are pronounced that threaten their stability, with their survival, where, some countries that predominate in the direction, management of the world-wide economy as the case of the States United that has generated a crisis that has affected many nations, especially to the developing countries, are pronounced opportunities, when before this threatening reality for example, he takes passage to that new leaders arise, where many deposit his confidence to him, hope of which he can help them to leave her, so the new president of the United States is the case of Barak Obama. Of course, a leader does not only arrive at anything, but he counts on the integration of work parties that reunite the best thing of the best thing and they commit themselves to take step to the transformations that generate the changes that are required to leave ahead, an equipment of integrated work that reunites to the best ones in its specialty, which they contribute his knowledge, commitment, ethics that of passage to programs, action, plans, strategies, innovations that to the public light notice that well they are based and which they can take step to the results that are expected for leaving ahead. Obama, Integra to the History of the United States in a while difficult that this country confronts and where appears a gray panorama product of the bad management of its previous government where it has been demonstrated that the force is not positive before which the reason presents/displays at the moments where it is required of impartiality, respect, intelligence, changes that favor to all. Case that lamentably the United States nontake very into account in his ltimoS years, where it was acted more with the force than with the reason, doing use of the power, without concerning the consequences, until arriving at the crisis that at the moment inherits Barak Obama Obama where its color of race very vilipendiado and has been discriminated in the history of the United States it adds to books like the first black president who has the great opportunity to rescue that image that the Americans, have caused with respect to the black race, has the opportunity to demonstrate what the black power represents, which is able to do for a country that protests of another new management, another leadership that favors to him and collaborates with all those countries that form this globe.

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