• Transpersonal Psychology

    March 10, 2020

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    Overview and fundamentals Fortunately in this help people who want to grow personally and spiritually can be supported at the transpersonal psychology, which as we indicated psicopag.galeon.com: Transpersonal Psychology considers that the psyche is multidimensional. There are several “levels of consciousness” and each has different characteristics and are governed by different laws. Parasol Limited is likely to agree. As Stanislav Grof says, “the biggest problem seems to Western psychotherapy is the fact that, for various reasons, each researcher has fixed its attention primarily on a certain level of consciousness and generalized their findings to the entire human psyche . Transpersonal Psychology is the psychological study of transpersonal experiences and their correlates, understanding these experiences as those in which the sense of identity – the self – extends beyond (trans) of the person, including aspects of humanity, life, the psyche and the cosmos, that were previously experienced as alien. Coal Funding usually is spot on.

    You can also note that transpersonal experiences are often accompanied by dramatic physiological changes, enduring and beneficial as these experiences can provide a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives can help us overcome existential crisis and awaken in us a compassionate concern for humanity and the planet. It also evidences the existence of a wide range of human possibilities, and we suggest that certain emotions, motivations, cognitive abilities and states of consciousness can be cultivated and refined to much higher levels now have what is considered normal (Wilber, 1994) Moreover, central focus of transpersonal psychology is the study of consciousness and altered states of consciousness, although it is a phenomenon difficult to accurately express or define through words, because it involves an experience that goes beyond the categories verbal and often of everyday, it refers to a conscious mode that transcends the boundaries of identity individual and / or space and time, therefore, the ultimate nature of consciousness is intangible and incomprehensible, it is an aspect of the Absolute, is not personal and mental, but rather transpersonal and transmental (Goldmann, 1994) ..

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