• Training Execution Collection

    March 23, 2020

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    DDesenvolverExecute: the planned one is the phase of the implantation of in agreement planning. Total or partially. This phase can be divided in 3 basic stages: Education and Training Execution Collection of data. In this cycle it was used to develop the product, leaving the paper for the reality, including manufacture process where determined it was measured antropomtricas of children of 4 the 7 years of age, thus defining the size of the writing-desk, choice of materials (MDF), choice of the color (white for being neutral and clear), accessories, sliding, pregos, screws, covers punctures. CVerificarVerifique: this is a purely managemental stage, to collate the real results with the waited results. In this phase to check, we must compare the result gotten with the definite goal of the planejamentos.

    The verification was made, this cycle is of utmost importance, therefore a survey of errors is carried through, if the product took care of the necessities of the public target. AAnalisarReaja: it acts where necessary, to make adjustments, hour to act correctively, preventively and to improve. Here it is verified what it failed and its respective solutions completing the cycle and conclusion of the project. Historical 2.2-Analysis: K7100 – Infantile Writing-desk Includes chair, with niches in the laterals to place reviewed, and space to keep pertaining to school material. It can be used as cavalete. With inlaid light. Size: 110 cm height X 48 cm width X 84 cm length. Suggested age: the 02 07 years Source: With a writing-desk as the Kids Fire Engine Desk the children go to want to study the day all! The pretty infantile small table has the appearance of an car of firemen and functions as table of arts, table of work/study and table of activities, everything this with much space to keep gadgets. The table fireman comes with a coil of paper of 30 cm and door pencil/accessory penxses and door.

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