• Tino Fahd Hirschenweg

    April 28, 2021

    Posted in: General

    The network promoted on the homepage and is so public and enables the continuous development. For this reason platforms are created where members entertain / can share and open to new contacts. Internally the mailing list is used mainly for communication and for the networking, but also regular meetings, their own events and many individual discussions encourage the idea of network. Each Member is encouraged to take advantage of not only the network to communicate to the outside, but also with new assets to expand it. CD production: the production of a CD or a CD set is for the external representation of the Association, for the representation of the artist and the different sectors extremely important, also in relation to any revenue for the Club.

    The CD will include the entire spectrum of German HipHop musician in Germany, encourage talented newcomers, and further carried as image factor. In this sense, it would be desirable that the CD can act and also is perceived as one of the signboards. Concerts / events: The first freestyle Club Germany wants to practice-oriented approach will also be running their own concerts and events and organise. In the framework of this event will be presented the musicians live and the club itself publicly presented. It need to be given then in individual cases, which and what scope should have the concerts and events.

    In this context, the Association will engage as well as external events (E.g. Rhine-hip-hop-stage, street festivals, etc) and make a stage programme. Marketing/PR: Straight on for the Association and its members existentially important press and public relations, as well as on the meaningful cooperation with the media particular emphasis must be placed on a coherent marketing concept. In the foreground are the placement of the Association and its objectives of the public what goes hand in hand with an intensive PR work and fixed media partners. This includes also the branding of the 1st freestyle Club Germany as Word and figurative mark in the offentlichkeit.Die implementation of all measures implemented both the Club and its members. The specific alignment or the operational approach must be spelled out in the Board of Directors. In the marketing mix, the focus lays on the market research and communications policy, as the other instruments due to the shape of the company have a relatively low relevance. Market research: observing the competition benchmarking price comparison consideration of the socio-demographic structure definition of target groups communication policy: Internet (advertising on the platform, music forums, online radio, links, and placement of banner and logo for music portals, cultural agencies, schools, youth centres) Communication internally via telephone, E-Mail, fax, Messenger, newsletter. Advertising via links to other websites. Advertising about advertising flyer, radio, press and television. Presence of the logo of the 1st FC Germany about flyer of artists and events third. Advertising by merchandisers of posters, posters and T-Shirts. * The Club maintains no commercial business operation. The membership is at least 1 year. Of the members, an annual contribution in the amount of at least 12 will be charged (1 EUR / month). It is also up to, to make higher contributions each Member. The outlet can be explained only with a notice period of 3 months to the end of a calendar year.

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