• Tina Turner

    September 1, 2011

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    "Simply – the best ', as when a white Tina Turner. Not for nothing is hidden in this word the word growth, and the word is difficult, the word – false. It's surprising how the people who come to me in interviews like to complicate everything. For many, if work profitable, be sure it will be difficult and highly skilled. In the case of the word JOB, which is hidden word BRA – be unique! After all, what would be the chief or the production of pay you good money, you must bring a profit in at least 5 times more than you pay, is not it? You know the difference between an intelligent man of wisdom? Wise gathers smart people and build their business, but smart workers get paid. I do not understand only one thing. Why are so fond of salaried employees to abuse their work? Do not they have chosen it, not whether they continue to work on it? Moreover, for every new job situation is repeated over and over again.

    The fact that any the man is paying for the value that he brings to the world around us. Which brings VALUE unemployed, homeless, and (pardon me) a pensioner? Zero. Without social support from the state died from hunger to – the fact. Rule number 1 you NEVER pay more than you stand at the moment. Rule number 2 Do you want to earn more, increase their value to others.

    Rule number three 24-hour rule. On the last little detail. Each of us in the day, only 24 hours. Of these, working time 8-10 hours. How to make a value we can only at this time. Do just that all employees. Chiefs come to the next. They are trained professionals and have a percentage of the value that these workers are fired. Just as the 2×2. The difficulty is that many do not know where to begin, and (or) do not have ideas, money, time to start a business. Franchising can give each try their hand at creating their work. Unwound trademark, real products or services to sell. The trick is that you can always sell itself, and can even teach it to others. Very scary? Then the fear and change your time for money further. Want to learn the cause in which you will pay a percentage of sales people who work together with you? Then look for business opportunities and franchising in particular. Personally, I gave it a lot, hope to give to you. PS I promise, the words 'work' in my ads you no longer meet. I'm tired of chat and talk with the slaves.

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