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    June 12, 2016

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    However, it is possible to also use a DAT recorder with a compatible input with the output of CA of the sound level meter, to then transfer the information to your computer. For what is needed, in addition to the DAT, a sound card common that generates files.WAV. It is a possibility that can be very convenient for when scarce resources are available. Measurement control: can be manual or with preset time (in the latter case there are computers with automatic storage possibilities ranging from 1 second up to 24 hours). There are sound level meters that allow you to program the date and start time of the measurements at several weeks in advance. It is a factor to consider in measurements of events of noise with long intervals. User interface: should be ensured by a logical arrangement of functions.

    Clearly marked buttons and a screen size that does not obstruct the in situ analysis. In addition, the presence of a friendly path during the configuration of the measurement parameters and data protection should not be underestimated. Optional accessories: there are a variety of optional accessories which must be chosen in dependence use destined for the sound level meter and monetary possibilities. Some of them are: programs of analysis, gauges, portable printers, tripods, windscreens, extenders, power supplies, transport cases, games of filter 1/1 and 1/3 octave and others. However, some such as gauge, windscreen, an Extender for the microphone, the power supply and a 1/1 or 1/3 octave filter game, should not miss. In particular the filters must meet, as a minimum, EN 61260 standard / IEC 1260 (1995) requirements for filters. THE key to? define the demands are not these, by course, the only factors to consider. Sound level meters are relatively expensive instruments.

    It is precisely this, an aspect that gravitates strongly in making a decision. It is why it is totally justified, having one idea defined indicators where to place the accent on the moment of choosing. It is not convenient to get to the manufacturer or to the marketer with hands full and empty mind, relying almost completely on on the goodwill of the offer. When you buy a sound level meter, needed awareness that it’s an investment that usually pays for itself in the long term. The majority of manufacturers and marketers prestigious offer customer the detailed specifications of the product. However, this is not enough. If the person concerned do not know exactly what you want and for what, the specifications shall be a good element of marketing for the supplier and apparent security for the customer. So much information could result, ultimately, of very little effectiveness for choosing an appropriate instrument. And, on the contrary, it could finish with greater uncertainty that leads to the induced purchase, or what is worse, wrong. Original author and source of the article.

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