• The Sound

    March 30, 2020

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    To follow a text is presented which the pupil can decode it. The text and its illustration serve of context for the study of the letter and of its sound. After that it comes an activity with exercises for identification of the letter of the day in the words of the text. In another block &#039 comes the activity; ' Trunk of palavras' ' that it allows a trick to form different words using the same letters of one alone word. After it comes the block of ' ' Escorregue the finger and leia' ' with short words. Normally, after this activity, we use a puzzle to inside compose a verbal or drawn text of the subject of the reading. In the block ' ' Workshop of the Letras' ' , the pupil elaborates activities of synthesis of syllables to form words giving emphasis the written synthesis.

    3.Anlise to learn to read, the pupil synthecizes and to write, it makes the inverse way. It hears the sound and needs to codify in letters. In this stage, the dictated one is the activity more adjusted to reach this objective. The method of the dictated one is comprovadamente one of the forms most efficient of to help the pupil to apply the alphabetical code. The dictated one is an instrument of education and learning, and not an instrument of torture or a test. Thus, the pupil justifies the choice of the letters and acquires the fonmica conscience. The dictated one is part of the life as in messages that have that to be written down, addresses, order, lists, claims, etc. The dictated one strengthens the associations between sounds and letters. Therefore, the pupil will have the necessary instruments so that he can write with independence. The errors must be recognized and analyzed and the pupil it must become capable to make the auto-correction.

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