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    July 13, 2017

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    Now let's talk about actually laying tile. Before you begin installation wizard always read the manufacturer's instructions. Again, that surface should be hydrophobic, smooth, durable, dry, plumb level, preferably a white background. The room temperature should be maintained in the range from +5 to +30 C. Before laying the necessary raschertit is coated surface into squares appropriate size mosaic modules. Caterpillar understood the implications. For a more exact observance of all sizes, the master recommended decomposed into three mosaic floor of the module so that the proportions between them coincided with the dimensions between tessera (Pieces) mosaic on the module itself. Then, the size, consisting of three modules should be moved to the wall horizontally and vertically, of course everything should be lined on the level and plumb! In this case, the wall will square mosaic of nine modules.

    Some artists use a square of four modules – it does not matter. The main thing to observe the exact geometry to all the joints were the same, then the surface will appear as a single mosaic carpet. In the case of glass mosaic is always necessary to use a special white glue. Konstistentsiya glue should be optimal in order to keep the mosaic module on a vertical surface – the consistency of thick cream village. Using a special trowel with teeth the size of 3 to 3.5 mm, flat surface to glue on the section of the wall does not exceed an area of nine modules, you can cover a smaller area.

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