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    November 24, 2012

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    I have always said that Salamanca is way of no part. One is not about a contemptuous reference, but a simple geographic verification: people come because yes or she does not come. For that reason, if we joined many that we are at the end of the route, we finish for being forced destiny of the way. That one is the sense of the macroregion that is going to form Castile and Leon, Galicia and the north of Portugal. Peculiarly, less homogenous of that conglomerate of 9.2 million inhabitants more than many countries of Europe we are Castilian and from Leon ones. For example: what have to do with Salamanca the of Burgos, next to the Basque Country or Cantabria that? If they worry to me, we shared more history, more culture and more interests with Viseu or Cceres that with the north of our own region.

    But what wants that it says to them: who we have certain age we remembered the geographic remiendos that was to be made during the Transition to invent independent communities that justified therefore the fact differential of Euskadi and of Catalonia, where really was the mother of the lamb. In the case that now occupies to us, our union with Galicia and the north of Portugal provide a strength to us of market and structures that each of its members would not have separately. It will allow, reason why they tell us, to present/display joint projects to the EU with which to obtain European bottoms of cohesion which we would not obtain of another way. Modest the five areas of joint promotion culture, university, environment, use and automotion show clear the deficiencies and the economic weakness of the new macroregion well. The other evidence is the necessity of more and better communications with Portugal, from the tourist ones, like the old train of the Fregeneda from the Source of San Esteban, to the functional ones, like the posponed TAB between Salamanca and Aveiro. But with the crisis, clearly, the projects return to the drawer of the forgetfulness. The unique consolation of the happy crisis, nevertheless, is that it forces to us to be more imaginative and audacious: the new macroregion in march is the best one possible example of it. Original author and source of the article.

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