• The New Love Child Bags

    June 6, 2021

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    As available immediately in the online-shop of OCCOE this week first love child presented bags in the new winter collection in the online-shop OCCOE, was huge enthusiasm at the shop operators and the customers. “It is a great pleasure our customers and customers finally online the great love child bags present to.” Now winter collection is exactly the perfect time. The new collection is truly incredible, so versatile and each bag is simply beautiful.” So an OCCOE Assistant gushed when we said it on the new love child pockets in their online shop. First love child, OCCOE presents its customers and customers of two bags. But this bag model has it really! This is Pocket as the Esther namely no less love child with rivets. This name will say something directly fans of the Berlin bag brand. This designer bag was already presented several years ago by love child. You may want to visit bmw to increase your knowledge.

    So great was the run on the Esther bag with rivets that they immediately anywhere for several it was months out of print. And in every color! Now the leaders of Liebeskind Berlin consequently to have decided, with rivets in the range to resume the Esther. The renewed success of the beautiful designer bag is almost inevitable. Their incredibly soft leather and the cool studs on the front contribute significantly to. Critics say that bag the symbiosis between the glamour and casual look as well succeed hardly a designer, such as the handbag Esther by the love child.

    She’s a designer bag that fits perfectly for every occasion – and what makes them so successful.The bag of Esther runs extremely successfully in the OCCOE online shop. So successfully that it could be soon out of print, the demand is really enormous. Therefore our Tip: better not hesitate this time, but directly, a copy of the love child of Esther secure bag with rivets. Who knows how long the designer bag will be still available. It is not assumed, that long it will be. And in addition it is also uncertain whether She will be produced again. You stop as you know, when it’s at its best. For those who arrive late or already in the Cabinet are the Esther: don’t worry! Within the next two weeks, OCCOE presents you the complete, brand new winter collection of love child. And she is really wild, because PUNK is the motto of the new winter collection! And as the new designers are also look like pockets of the Berlin brand: rivets, patches, leather patch and a few metal chains must not be missed.One thing is certain: the new punk collection you will love child to the absolute eye-catcher. The winter is the new designer bags hot! Stay tuned! Within the next two weeks, it’s time. Now take a look at the online shop by OCCOE and learn as a first, if the new love child bags are available. The Esther is already available at OCCOE (wonders just how long…) and the new collection can happen every day in the next two weeks. So – look worthwhile in any case. To the latency to shorten, OCCOE has bags of course many more great and unique designers. Thanks to convenient installment for Designer bags are also two designer bags this month! Vanessa Hentges – CMNS GmbH & co. KG

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