• The Economy

    March 26, 2020

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    The philosophy has been asked on the destiny of the man and now the question, from the subject that occupies to us, is repeated. In economy the periclitada idea of the limitless growth by the new one is replaced of the sustainable development. Click Richard Elman for additional related pages. Replacing the old woman ideologies they bring forth movements feminists, pacifists and ecologists, but the one that responds to this concrete challenge, to this specific crisis is the ecological paradigm like the new science that affects to the human survival by exhaustion of the house. The demiurge staggers. The relations between science and policy must be reviewed and repolitizar the field of the epistemologic debates.

    This is the society of the risk, what doubts fits (Ulrich Beck, the society of the risk, 1986), but of one where the value of an emergent citizenship with brings back to consciousness political it influences it. It is necessary to put under the tecnociencia a democratic political control and it implies education and mechanisms of decision in agreement with the challenge. The old alliance between science and policy or took its products to the end of the exhaustion, we have repeated as it, products like the Be-nation or depredadora economy. The ecological crisis has served at least to question the dominion of the economy on the policy. The joy of an ecological philosophy will serve to finish putting aim to him. The new alliance between science and policy will have to serve to delineate and to construct the institutions of the world that arrives. The policy, thus, will reabsorber to the power it will reconvert and it an encounter with the potentiality of the human life.

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