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    March 15, 2013

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    With a closer view of SOUZA (2006), FERNANDES (2007) in its public policy article: N., evolution or social political na brasileiro case defends the idea that public policies manifested through two dimensions which complement each other that is the technical administrative and political terms as it can be observed in the citation. costume – you think or campo das public policies only characterized as administrative technical ou livre, therefore do political aspect properly dito, assim que mais evidenced na atividade supporter eleitoral. Este uma meia verdade, given that in spite of treat UMA administrative area, sphere das public policy tambem possui uma Dimensao political uma vez which is related ao processo decisorio. (cf. FERNANDES 2007 p. 203) Fernandes heavily influenced by LOWI (1972) that prior to investing public money in a given sector may be health or education the State before taking that decision goes through three categories which are the regulatory, distributive and the redistributive. Already CABBAGE (2000) makes a different discussion on public policy, because the directions that society post-morderna are taking is inevitable.

    Globalization is a phenomenon that is prevailed in all the world is a path that has no return, however how that manifests itself is excludente and generates various types of violence and today the greatest challenge of globalization is creating a policy of general human solidarity. Or globalizacao desenvolvimento em processo atinge todas as societies. () Aussi consensus that forms globalizacao breeding atual desemprego exclusao social, causing gives us economic-sociais ambientais. Desencadeia violence of all kinds. () Vale salientar that pressure gives Schumacher for baixo breeding necessidade do governo find alternative novas do contato direto com os citizen surpassing or Orthodox political fazer. Of equal maneira, to cidadania consciously organized necessita raise mechanism of contato check state, democratizing-as policy. ISSO demand novos political participacao maior number citizens possivel direta experiment.

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