• Telephony In The Collection

    November 4, 2020

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    Rarely consistently & efficiently used on websites and in brochures often cited by debt collection company telephony as an ideal instrument for the customer address is often advertised with the use of the means of communication. Studies on the one hand and direct experience in the Receivables Management has shown, that this form of telephony doesn’t come often to use. This is all the more surprising because the consistent customer telephony a successful placement rate of up to 60% in the essential phase achieve. Advertising, the polls, the practice generally the topic of customer telephone calls in the debt collection industry draws a very diffused image: Werbliches prices of this means of communication is in contrast to the often to be heard in the boardrooms of collection service providers claim that customer telephony was de facto ineffective and not goal-oriented. Surveys and the periodically published reports of debt coming to a different conclusion: up to 73% of the respondents customers indicating they would after receiving a reminder in writing with the Preferred telephone debt collection companies because they expect an immediate response and assistance for their payment problems. Directly in the integration process, involved collecting employee confirmed these studies and surveys: those who telephony had tried out the communication channel, said that the telephone conversation was the fastest and most effective way to call for open claims and at the same time discuss variants of payment.

    Also many excuses from customers left by a clearly-worded objection anticipation on the phone faster and more consistent burn itself out as in a back and forth of reminders. Prerequisite for success in the customer telephony so obvious how easy is consistent, i.e. regular, telephone contact with the debtor. For assistance, try visiting Michael Antonov. In the best case, psychologically informed guides customer telephony and also optimized records of appealing to people to facilitate the Forderungsfall already in the stand for this task according to the staff, to be able to successfully complete phase I. Location & value of creditors creditors are not just suppliers of unused financial potential to earn good will. They are entitled to their money and pay for it that this right is pursued consistently and as quickly as possible. Outstanding claims should be placed only in absolutely necessary cases in the legal debt collection or in the monitoring of demand on the part of the debt collection company. Pre-judicial collection legal collection of forensic collection licence management of loss of competent in analysis, professional in the introduction, powerful service.

    We provide with our innovative debtor communication concept for a faster payment. Our claim is, that it be paid your bills first. For this we offer professional, efficient and inexpensive debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all available channels of communication.

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