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    September 15, 2012

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    Some times, an excellent salesman is promoted the leader of its team and fails in the new function. One gives credit that the promotion is a prize to the salesman, but later it uncovers that it does not have the necessary abilities and characteristics for the new position. Worse he is that hardly the person obtains to come back to the previous condition and finishes leaving the company. Moral of history: the good salesman loses itself. Why this happens? Because of the existing natural differences between the two functions. They are characteristic common to a leader of team and a good salesman: motivation, empatia, autoconfiana, creativity, to know to hear and to talk, good mood, determination, persistence and professional ambition. Moreover, it is necessary intuition to discover the behavior of the consumer.

    However, a leader of necessary team to have characteristics that a good salesman nor always needs: vision of future, firmness, imparcialidade, humildade, intelligence above average flexibility. Already the good necessary salesman of audacity, disposal, patience and communicative being, therefore when the result is about sales is direct consequence of the established contacts. The biggest motivation of the leader is the people, it will only obtain the waited results to influence if them. In the case of the salesman the goal is, obviously, to vender. Generally it is individualistic what empecilho will be one for, future, to lead a team. He is not easy to be a good salesman, as well as is not easy to lead a team. The ideal is to search the maximum possible of qualities and to know the deficiencies that they need to be worked, searching to be optimum possible professional inside of its specialty. Before promoting a salesman the team leader is vital to evaluate its characteristics and the functions of a leader, to verify if the person have the ideal profile for the position, but without if forgetting asking if this to it is its desire. With this the risk is prevented to become, short-term, a success in failure without return. It knows some of the functions of a leader: To define the tasks to be carried through for the team; to delegate authority and to offer orientation, without removing the responsibility for the action; to evaluate, to guide and to supervise the team, controlling the methods of work and the use of available resources; to give feedback, allowing the growth of the members of the team; to organize and to define positions and responsibilities; to inside select, to develop and to integrate the human resources of its area of performance; to analyze and to improve the methods of distribution, adequacy of special levels of supply and services to the customer; to guide the team to work in its absence and to help if to become it most self-sufficient possible; to study and to analyze the economic conditions and of market, the governmental controls and its effect in the goals of the company; to follow the growth and the work of each member of the team, through reports and contacts with the customers.

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