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    Arcane major VIII, the force, speaks in its representation to the goddesses Greek Cirene, that was able to dominate the lion that tormented to the kingdom of its parents with the single aid of its hands. Therefore, it was taken by the tarot like perfect representation of the force of the spirit who dominates by on the matter he extends and it. (Source: visit website). This arcane speech especialemente of the necessity to conquer itself to itself like previous step to conquer the world. And of a force of powerful will that is able to fold the low instincts and passions. The Force takes to the ways that are abren before who advances trusting, with anger, conviction and decision. And for that reason it is considered an arcane one that it urges the action.

    By tradition, usually it is considered to the mental and spiritual like too reflective and opposed activity. But the Force remembers to us that only a spirit signs and determined can draw for to the obstacles and the traps that the character weaknesses tend to him and progress in the action. The appearance of this arcane one in the distance of tarot also augurs to the consulting one that it will have great vitality and physical force, as well as of all the energy necessary to carry out its projects with the wished success. If he appears inverted, on the contrary, this arcane one can be alerting on the dangers of " to lower brazos" and to break off the battle after realising our dreams, projects and illusions. The Force On guard invested dot to a weak person who has given itself, letting themselves take by its weaknesses or stopping fighting before the adverse circumstances.

    Other interpretations even show more delicate us a person who, exactly by weakness or fear, acts with extreme hardness, arriving at violence situations. In the same way that arcane the XI, Justice, do not mention only to legal subjects but to all the conflicts derived from the bias and the unbalance, the Force paints a situation of discord, cruelty and abuse authority that often are daughter of the deepest fear and the insecurity. It fulfills therefore the mission of the tarot to offer new perspective that allow to understand the situations and the problems that they more worry us in all their complexity. Because, according to the message of hope of this arcane major, that is conquered to itself is ready to conquer the world. Original author and source of the article.

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