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    Why for me and all the tourists, the Russians who went to tour in Scandinavia in the travel tour group from the tour operator's Neva River, was decorated Norwegian Schengen visa. And why Schengen visa gives permission to visit the country within the entire Schengen area, refer to a particular country. Why does it depend? This combined tour (fly by plane to Norway) envisaged to visit 4 countries in Scandinavia. Norway, was the first country in which we find ourselves, and there we spent almost 4 days, but in other countries, we were only 1-2 days. Since within the Norwegian the state we were longer than in other countries we visited (separately) during this trip, then Norway is the main place of our prebyvaniya.Stalo be its consulate (or embassy) engaged issue a Schengen visa for tourists, respectively, and the visa was Norwegian.

    Nevertheless, the very origins of the visa (which country issued it) does not have any effect on the right of priority of stay Russian citizen in one country or another Schengen. However, if you ask asylum in one of those Schengen countries, the question of whether to provide you with a shelter or not, will be treated in a country whose visa you have. For example, If you have a visa Norwegian, then the question will be resolved in Norway. You may want to visit Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala to increase your knowledge. If Swedish, then, respectively, in Sweden. And, if you have a Norwegian visa, and surrendered (turned into a police station as asylum seekers) in Sweden, then you sent to Norway and there will solve the problem. Though there are exceptions. I recommend to read the article yet Schengen visa-history of both. As is clear from this article, the presence of a Schengen visa issued by a You can not required to ensure unimpeded passage of your border. In other words, even with a visa you can wrap the back.

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