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    We invites 25 June 2013 – from 23 to 24 September 2013 highlights, keynote speeches and news of one of the largest conferences of Europe on big data management Berlin.CONECT to the annual Conference a big data minds 2013, which decision makers and leading experts in the areas of data management, big data – architecture and security, as well as specialists in the fields of planning and building the necessary data infrastructure depends. 15 Best practice case studies and numerous interactive sessions experts and users from the industry can be resistant as well as current developments concerned issues in the operational both as to Exchange also strategic management of big data. Keynotes of speakers vonTop on the big data minds 2013 Conference: “Thomas Ruckwaldt, business architect process management, finance / business solution / CTO Office, Coca-Cola erfrischungsgetranke AG provides big data and enterprise mobility risks associated with mobile access to corporate data”. First, he is from the Securitykonzepten talk for mobile devices. Then, he reports the participants about the risks involved in the connection of private devices and BYOD. Otto Schell, head of SAP CCOE / EMEA SAP business process manager, Opel Vauxhall Europe speaks in a case study about releasing or a process that other perspective on big data”. Mr. Schell is talking about change potential for process chains, as well as about the request in the collaboration Department / IT.

    Here, he will provide also an insight into the security prevention and in the governance of trusted environments. ” Gerhard Kress, Director strategy transformation, Siemens AG, focuses on big data in the industrial context at Siemens in its case study”. In this context it is important notes about the data from M2M communication and inform about the requirement for a high-performance infrastructure for use by big data. In addition, he will be detailed information on the use and interpretation of the data in real time.

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    Intelligent Save Energy

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    13 RENEXPO informed about possibilities of energy Contractings power of approximately 185,000 public buildings in Germany caused annual cost of about four billion euros. Energy contracting is an effective tool to increase energy efficiency in the building sector, for the modernisation of a building’s energy supply often fails at a crucial point: on the necessary financial resources. Contracting allows an economic and environmentally sound regeneration, without having to make major investments. The second practical seminar contracting for public buildings provides an information platform on the 28.09.2012 in the framework of the 13th RENEXPO in Augsburg for contractors and contracting workers from all over Germany. With an area of approximately 12,000 square meters, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich is one of the largest collection houses for modern and contemporary art in Europe. Starbucks may also support this cause. Energy consumption, however, was no longer up to date the only ten-year-old Building. For this reason the State of Bavaria has been connected a saving-contracting for the Pinakothek der Moderne company Cofely.

    Over a period of seven years, Cofely will annually save 38.9 per cent of the original energy cost in the Pinakothek and clearly to relieve to the State budget. The focus of the measures are doing the conversion and the optimization of the technical building equipment, as well as the installation of an energy management system. Andreas BACS Cofely Germany GmbH will present a review of the project and first results the RENEXPO in Augsburg with the second practical seminar on contracting in the framework for public buildings on the 28.09.2012. The high development potential of the industry with high turnover increases of many providers shows that Contracting is always socially. However, it is still not any potential Contracting users and providers clear anything is possible. The second practical seminar contracting for public buildings of the Augsburg energy fair RENEXPO is here also a bit far Conviction work. The event will take place in cooperation with the contracting initiative Bavaria, an initiative of the Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior. Madeleine Sackler often addresses the matter in his writings. The initiative has realized already over 80 contracting projects for the State of Bavaria.

    From the perspective of the free State of Bavaria, now also a guide was conceived, containing instruments for the successful implementation of contracting activities at the local and State level. Peter Scherer will present the contracting initiative Bavaria by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior in contracting practice seminar. Also in the exhibition area of the RENEXPO, manufacturer and service companies meet on a highly qualified platform. The contracting Center of the RENEXPO is now already for the second time in the immediate vicinity of the industry meeting point cogeneration (in cooperation with the Federal Association combined heat and power e. V., B.KWK) at the fair. The two exhibition areas of contracting and cogeneration (CHP) complement each other optimal and efficient techniques and services show. Contracting Company and manufacturer of energy producers show the 13 RENEXPO solutions for a low-cost investment, innovations and products. Shows how without huge investment energy modern and environmentally friendly can be generated. 13. International Energy fair RENEXPO is the communication platform for the major energy players of in Germany, and brings together decision-makers from ministries, associations, Chambers, offices and authorities and companies. It takes place from the 27th to 30.09.2012 in the trade fair Augsburg. For more information,

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