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    The largest store of consumer electronics uk Currys to stop selling audiotapes, reports Lenta.ru. We also learned that the projected sales network The High Street, the latest stereo system with cassette deck will be sold to end of 2007, sales of audio cassettes and devices for playing them steadily declined over the past 15 years after the mass appearance of CDs and mp3-players. According to experts the firm Understanding & Solutions, market research, in 1989 Britain has sold 83 million cassettes with a record 10 years later this figure has decreased almost twice, and in 2005 the sellers to sell only 500 thousand of such carriers. In 2006, it sold about 100 thousand Audiocassettes. However, all these figures do not include audio books sold (1.5 million units. for 2006) and blank tapes (4 million speakers). Currys is the last shop online High Street, refused to market audio cassettes. A few stores have stopped the supply of such equipment and carriers and a half years ago..

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    I also wanted to draw public attention to such reserves, to such term efficiency of scientific work which, although also long been known, but probably not very well marked from the "outside." This partly can be attributed to lack of interest to them by experts naukovedov. At the same time, these terms if they pay enough attention, can make a huge – at least so it seems the "inside" – a huge contribution to the overall efficiency of scientific research these terms a lot, call the three of them. The first – is to create a friendly climate for creative research teams, what you want to call a moral conditioning. The second – less waste of time and energy associated with the evil of bureaucracy. And third, a limit the use of all opportunities for training and selection of scientific personnel, the most capable independent creative work. In such matters, of course, difficult to make quantitative estimates, but based on the "experimental" or, simply, on the basis of some personal observations suggest that there is still scientific groups, where, for example, conditioning may not be moral in a fraction of a percent, but several times more effective research. It is impossible in such matters to prescribe …

    In science, people work educated and intelligent. They should, given the concrete situation, to find a solution to their specific problems, if they will be engaged in earnest. I see my task only to draw attention to recall that terms of the inevitable reduction of growth and a number of quantitative indicators, in particular, the number of scientists the only solution – increase the efficiency of their work. I repeat – the terms of high efficiency many, in different cases, their specific value can vary. The above three terms seem the most universal and important for all scientific fields, for a variety of groups, regardless of their departmental subordination.

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