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    The OLD AA Ajuizava more the vice that the tasks. A rite drank cachaa constantly transforming this habit into a formality beirando. Its tragos were ingested in short intervals of time during the day. During the night, its sleep was interrupted promptly, accurately in the ceremonial hour of the sip that would instigate to it in the continuity of its life. The effect of the alcohol stirred up to it in the diverse announcement of insults and confronts estarrecedoras excused to everything and all to its redor, which in its to understand was the responsible right-handers for all the existing failures in meeting and clutters in the world. Giving faith of the supply you give to esvair itself and in the not promising perspective of its restocking, under the imminent danger of the infallible sobriety to make the rounds to it of close, the abastana of its was multiplied excessively vocbulo of injuries.

    Palhoa inhabited only in one a little moved away of excessively from the village of Is Domingos of the Araguaia. Its familiar beings prevented the contact to it. For more specific information, check out Jonas Samuelson. They did not support, for more efforts that made use, the insults of anci. Its legal-size was it breaks and collects of coconut babau, what it relieved to it to buy the sparing feeding of that remaining portion of people that were its, made lean, wrinkled and withered body one maracuj passed of mature. This why it shortened in the purchase of the feeding, to strain in the purchase of cachaa daily. During the week Rock went for the Almesco, arranchando itself in the Farm To whet, in house of ones known its, which did not give to much importance to its implicit way that they were its xingamentos without end. For the grass and bushes of that farm it was where the old Aa, in the intervals between one and another sip of drips that it was non-separable, it joined the fruits of the palms and using a club and an axe, cut them the way to it.

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    It enters in the store and it only says that this looking at (if to prefer, between speaking the cellular one). 2? The salesman with a doll in the show window or these dummies confuses that are spread for the store. 3? He tries everything and he says that anger to think a little! Arguments as: – ‘ ‘ I do not know if gostei’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ There I go to call my mother for opinar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ later I come back more with calma’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I go to wait my card virar’ ‘ they function sufficiently. 4? After leaving the store without taking nothing It the same comes back and it buys product with another salesman. 5? It disagrees and distrusts of everything what to say. 6? He enters in a store of jeans (Levi? s for example) looking for: penknife, plate, shirt of soccer teams, touch or eyeglasses dark (believe! This happens daily). 7? If alternative 6 not to function. It sins to buy allstar that this in the show window to only compose look.

    8? It never calls the salesman for the name! Options as ‘ ‘ Ei’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Psiu’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Garoto’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Menino’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Aeee’ ‘ they are excellent choices. 9? It hides its size of pants! For example: if you to use pants in size 42, enter in the store with certainty and sin one in size 36 or 38, making the coitado poor person to go up in the supply you vary times. 10? It criticizes music, air-conditional and the mirrors. 11? Discounting, parcelamentos or toasts sin very! 12? Either the person more indecisa in the hour of the exchange! She proves everything that will be possible and light always a merchandise in the same value! To pay difference already this old-fashioned. 13? She has not accepted to make cadastros or she sins you add (as chaveiros, underwears, stockings). 14? She says that she is customer has years and either well likeable, counting to its trips to the exterior or its free holiday ends of week/with family and friends! 15? She enters in the store the 21:50 and argues: ‘ ‘ Ours, as she closes ne early? ‘ ‘ (She tries in commemorative dates: Christmas, Day of the Parents, Mothers) 16? It has never accepted one sins of ploughs of clothes! It always requests one packed of the supply. 17? Expensive knife of mourning to if coming across with each newness presented for the coitado one. 18 – It separates the merchandise with the excuse of that it goes to search its wallet, to take off money in the box electronic and does not come back never more.

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