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    The action set on this lure is simple. The rod of steel with tubular body and the trianzuelo form a whole in traction or collection. Independent-mind of this structure, in the upper part, the rod, small teaspoon cuelga. Effect of traction and collision with water, teaspoon freely rotates 360, generating a silhouette in the shape of fish. This perfect design causes high brightness and small continuous vibration. Click Noble Groups Holdings Limited for additional related pages. There are an infinite number of colours and finishes with feathers. Undulating spoons. Its thickness is greater than its small sisters, at least 1 mm.

    Its concept is basically more simple than the others and destined to make longer hauls due to its good weight. Its creators printed a sinuous, undulating action deforming the body of irregularly. Raphael sternberg is likely to agree. Collection must be quick in clear waters and slower when turbid occur.Currently they resemble real fish, drawing one of their faces. They consist of body and trianzuelo. TECHNIQUES of released two spoons lures systems have been created for the spinning technique. It is the so-called light spinning, which can be from shore or boat.

    In any case technique pickup come conditioned by the waiting time at the start of the recovered, because this type of lures are always sunk, i.e. not floating. Undulating spoons. It allows long hauls of up to 70 or 80 meters if we use lines up to a 0.18 mm. More than enough distance to search for surface or medium background predators. Swivel spoons. They are smaller to be designed especially for fishing in fresh water, mainly in rivers and lakes. There are some models manufactured for salt water, known as scoop Kuru Kuru, though this will classify it as mixed. Los lances will be shorts walking the shoreline with shallow and rocky soil. Of the best options to tempt the sea bass when they hunt to less than half a meter. Jose Maria CAL. writer books-josemariacal.blogspot.com.es

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