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    But one life to does not end there. And if this goal eliminates the possibility of achieving its other goals? How then to be with their implementation? Would such a situation to fully respond to our understanding of success? Obviously, that before they do something for a particular purpose, it is necessary to determine its other goals, and establish them in the sequence and interdependence. Certainty and fullness consistent purposes of his life – that's probably the main target for success in life, and to achieve them, it's possible the meaning of life for everyone. I think there is a need in some more detail speak on the topic. I think it should be understood that his life plan, setting specific goals distinctive landmarks in full it is hardly possible – changing the world and their own world view, change attitudes and priorities, values and desires. It would seem, what is the trouble itself, doing what most likely will change? This remark is quite true.

    However, the option to live without goals, focusing on meeting the immediate desires, on the basis of everything, and now, unequivocally, to any long-term success can not lead. In this case, it is simply impossible not planning or forecasting or managing their own activities in any term. A question of success and then does it becomes quite uncertain. Goals define success, and only if it becomes clear objectives that can be successful in what direction to go for it achieve and what methods to use with.

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    Luiz Claude Mendona

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    In Modernity the individual of a society sees itself inside of which the time is watched all, following rules, norms, schedules, goals. But the citizen, does not perceive it as a control power, for being this disciplines invisible the man, it perceives it to this as mere obligations of the daily life and not as a correction form. Less insignificant when still comparative, to these called Institutions of arrests, for the fact to give credit itself that it is enough to be of the side of it are of these, to be considered a free citizen (FOCAULT, 2003). The power disciplinarian exists, but it was naturalized, being part of day-by-day, when watching and consequently to punish or rewarding, all the acts, exactly that not if it takes conscience of this. According to Foucault (2003), as well as, the power to discipline, others to also know appear of the Institutions. Caterpillar Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Being thus, the birth of Sciences Human beings of – as resulted of this ‘ ‘ normalizao’ ‘ inside of the Institutions, derived from a mechanism of it disciplines specific, the examination, that has as function to watch and consequentemente to determine what he would be ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ , through the qualification, classification and punishment.

    The individuals finish for being molded by this power to discipline, and the citizen that if finds outside of this formation, pass be friction as carrying of a pathology, that is, object of Sciences Human beings. Considering that this object, it would be accurately, the individual that this above or below of what it is considered, ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ for the majority, those that when being analyzed would not be in friction ‘ ‘ mdia’ ‘ , that it is determined in accordance with the moral and the way of organization of each time. Being Modernity the space and time, for which if they firm and they develop the calls Sciences Human beings. References: ELSIRIK, Marisa F. and TREVISAN, Juliano F. the invention of the resentment in century XIX and the desires of Social Psychology in sc. XXI. Psychology: Science and Profession.

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    The essence of this method is that the previously formed temporary connections, reflecting and organizing any relationship with the objects of the body, can be excited in the perception of a similar situation, instituted during the perception of objects (situations), to coincide with the previously separate features perceived object. Resulting in a comparison of similar objects, situations. The basis of association by similarity is the ability of the brain to the excitation given set of temporal relations, reflecting collection of certain elementary relations conditioned stimuli (reflecting a particular object), the perception is not all this set of conditioned stimuli, but only parts of it, is a common part of all similar objects, parts, generator common to all these objects traits for which these objects and unite as similar. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For example, the anthropoids, who once reached for a stick through objects lying so that the unarmed limb to reach them in the future is able to use a mental image of this activity, firstly, in a similar situation, for example, in order to get the bait from behind cells, because, secondly, with those objects are also capable of is extended limb – wire rope, etc. Thus, in regard to the acquisition of information about reality in the organization of its activities anthropoids are on the second level of quality development of individual forms of the organism. Organization of their activities is carried out not only by the unconditioned reflexes (kinds of shapes activity), and conditioned reflexes to relation of objects or patterns of perception of reality (the first quality of an individual form of the organism), but also by conditioned reflexes to ratio images represent objects of reality.

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