• Mushrooms

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    Mushrooms combine in their structure some signs of animals and plants. They appeared more than a billion years ago and live in the water, on land and in the air. Various types are used by man in the household, food, medical purposes. They are descended from polifeliticheskoe and flagellated unicellular organisms and were considered an independent kingdom. The structure of a cell wall, located inside the protoplast, a stocking vacuoles, one or more cores. Large food particles, fungi can not digest, so across the entire surface of the body they suck liquids. Reproduction of diverse, the presence of several species sexual and asexual.

    Fungi live in water, soil, forest litter. For use in foods, mushrooms are collected in specific locations or crops are grown. A popular pastime is picking mushrooms it can also be a hobby man. After collection, they must be carefully treated, and can be used in food, such as white mushrooms, mushrooms, russula, chanterelles. Nutritional value of mushrooms is not large, assimilated organisms, they are very hard, although they contain chitin. The main value lies in their taste and aroma and can be applied in salted, pickled form, as condiments, dressings. On the basis of microbiological synthesis of citric acid. Preparations of white fungus trutovikov used in folk medicine. Also, mushrooms are harmful farming, can cause disease in humans and animals, the heavy food poisoning.

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    Someone Who Chose ?

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    So I decided to have a kitten. The fact that I have always loved animals, especially cats. What breed is, I do not think. I knew that, in principle, I want an ordinary cat. Pedigreed cat in principle, find themselves on any host.

    Nowadays it is well-developed business. But many ordinary kitten does not shine, can someone take him to the house, and a garbage can would be. I decided to buy a newspaper and read messages. Basically, I was interested in small kittens, 2-3 months and not more. I wanted to somehow bring up the most.

    There was one ad about 2 months of a white cat. Call, but I was told that she was taken away. I read on and start calling. Then the receiver is not lifted, the kittens were too adult. Then something hit me in my head that I want is a cat and not cat. And finally I lucky. The woman picked up the phone and said that she had 5 kittens: two girls and three boys, and I instantly met her. It turned out that while I came Kitties are already taken, and the seals were, that's nice. She said that Persian kittens, they leave themselves, but these two white render. They have a Persian cat and the cat is white, and received 3 and 2 white Persian kittens. White kittens were the same. And how can we choose? The hostess said that I took them both, but it was not in my plans. I wanted to take just one and give him all my love, well, I can not share my love, two of pets and all, and apartment a small studio. What could be two? I looked at these kittens looked and did not know which one to choose. I started playing with one, but it somehow does not really stretched me, it would scratch. Suddenly suited his twin brother and starts me to climb, the hands of "kiss". Here's your sign! Pick me, pick me, bird of happiness for tomorrow. And how is it called? Who will choose? Perhaps it was me, but I'm not him. And so we live happily, and my cat will soon be 2 years already.

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