• Water Liquid Rare

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    Indian Prophecy: Only after the last tree is cut, only after the last river is poisoned, only after the last fish is caught, only then you will know that money can not eat. The way that Rosalind must travel every day is full of stone and dust. The sun glow of the Guajira Peninsula indicates that the morning is ending and must rush the trot donkey who travels back home after filling the bottles in which water collected has been deposited in a nearby mill. Not really so close, but she and her family have the water three miles from her home is better than not having it anywhere as it was before. To read more click here: Jonas Samuelson. Those were other times when they suffered even more in search of that clear fluid, precious and scarce. In a few minutes her mother and siblings will receive with joy as they may prepare their food.

    The little girl change her clothes and walk two miles to the school where classes get a fourth grade teacher who speaks your language and who has to walk, like her, several hours to do his job to teach arithmetic, Castilian, science and other subjects they will need to understand the world and move on in life. Getting and carrying water is part of everyday life for the inhabitants of the peninsula of La Guajira and especially for the Indians settled in the middle and north of it..

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