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    Opera introduction using the current recording of Marek Janowski with the Meistersinger continues the Klassik(ver)Fuhrer his now well established and popular series with the introductions to the Wagner operas. Richard Wagner’s 200th birthday anniversary of Klassik(ver)Fuhrer waiting this time not only once again with the proven tandem Sven Friedrich (Director of the Wagner Museum Bayreuth) as author and Wolfgang Schmidt (long-time Wagner – heroic tenor in Bayreuth) as a spokesman, but offers also a musical treat with the use of the highly acclaimed, current Meistersinger recording of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin under Marek Janowski, with numerous well-known, largely bayreuth experienced soloists. The same is true for the forthcoming introduction of the Parsifal. A modern, star-studded recording could be found even for the Tannhauser, with which the Klassik(ver)Fuhrer Wagner-anniversary, will end the cycle of Wagner’s Festival works. Sven Friedrich: The Klassik(ver)Fuhrer, special band Wagner: Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg double CD (ISBN 978-3-936196-21-4) is now available for 24.90 in the book and sound carrier trade. It is published by the Berliner Verlag AURICULA of Klassik(ver)Fuhrer”as a special volume of the series under Order No. 209-1 A.

    Overall length: 118 minutes, of which 71 minutes of music. Artist: Rundfunk – Sinfonieorchester Berlin, conductor: Marek Janowski, Rundfunkchor Berlin, Director: Eberhard Friedrich. Hans Sachs: Albert Dohman (baritone), Veit Pogner: Georg Zeppenfeld (bass), Kunz Vogelsang: Michael Smallwood (tenor), Conrad Nightingale: Sebastian Noack (bass), Sixtus Beckmesser: Dietrich Henschel (bass), Fritz Kothner: Tuomas Pursio (bass), Walther von Stolzing: Robert Dean Smith (tenor), David: Peter Sonn (tenor), Eva: Edith Haller (soprano), Magdalene: Michelle Breedt (mezzo-soprano), night watchman: Matti Salminen (bass) u.a all info under the digital ISBN: dx.doi.org/10.978.3936196/214 for inquiries: Auricula GmbH, Berlin, Dr. Gerhard K. Englert, Tel. 0172-393 59 16, e-mail:, homepage:

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