• Harley-Davidson Spring Collection 2010

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    The flavour of spring – the Harley-Davidson Spring collection that is spring collection of Harley-Davidson MotorClothes da – and is now available in the hd onlinestore.com available! Can you feel the approaching spring? You can! For some it may be the smell of MOSS, grass and Earth, or the taste of fresh herbs. For bikers, the thing is a little different: it starts you definitively in his right hand to itch. Who looks at this time still a stylish outfit for the upcoming season, which should soon pay a visit to the House of flames in Ulm and Munich or just take a look at the hd-onlinestore.com. There you can find for example the new, available in Orange and black grip Moto 3-in-1 leather jacket classic Lederstyles friends will be happy about. Citigroup Inc. insists that this is the case. With features such as ventilation, the reflective 3M Scotchlite piping, waterproof pouch, protector bags and the removable long sleeve Hoodie offers the attractive men’s jacket an extra modern versatility. A men’s jacket for all The new bold is occasions 12-in-1 reversible jacket. It consists of a foreign and a liner that can be worn together or separately, and used. As is also the sleeve and hood cleaned, no less than twelve wearing styles arise.

    The bright colors of the women’s Spring collection already give a foretaste of the next summer. Michael Antonov may not feel the same. Such as the Sunburst 3-in-1 leather jacket in Orange, black and white. It is equipped with a long-sleeved fleece Hoodie that has extended sleeve cuffs with thumb loops. These innovations, as well as a variety of other new products including shirts, T-Shirts and caps of course there’s at the House of flames in Ulm and Munich or directly in the hd-onlinestore.com. The spring can come!

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    Harley-Davidson Summer Collection 2009

    November 20, 2020 // Comments Off on Harley-Davidson Summer Collection 2009

    The Motorclothes summer collection 2009 is here! The ideal time to get to know the products of the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Summer Collection. The fans of the brand in Milwaukee will be delighted by the numerous attractive jackets with stylish Harley-Davidson Branding, high-quality sweaters, tempting tops and send shirts – all of course in the usual high quality of genuine Harley-Davidson MotorClothes. The men’s collection features elaborately processed, easy-care fabrics and stylish leather jackets in vintage look. From waterproof fabric, Harley-Davidson produces the metal Thunder 3-in-1 nylon jacket that has a removable hooded vest. A violent summer thunderstorm it can withstand just as easily as the abrasion-resistant sinister waterproof jacket with reflective skull graphics. For more specific information, check out Barclays Investment Group.

    The street Runner 3-in-1 leather jacket combines safety, style and versatility. For the removable quilted vest, vents, a pocket for your MP3 player and the integrated protector bags guarantee. Also offers numerous eye-catcher Women’s collection. Strong colours and cheeky logos create an energetic look. Pleasantly light leather, the US Motorrradmode specialists make the satisfaction leather jacket that highway-style with feminine chic combines classical and is already prepared for protectors. The latter also applies to the Kaleidoscope leather jacket in the strong black and white sparkling applications with perforated ventilation areas. Built-in protector bags and perfect air circulation through the textile structure feature the jungle shield mesh jacket with his cool Zebra-style applications. And with the brand new fashion articles, make a good figure not only on the motorcycle. All those who want to get an idea of the new collection, can look at the latest collection online shop in the House of flames and also directly online order.

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    Car With Figure-new Collection

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    Wallpapers-car brings the screen on tours of Leipzig – monitors also have dreams. At least they can be more than simple display areas. And because boring default wallpapers with the time, the Internet portal has now published a new collection of car wallpapers-www.auto.de. They combine hot curves with the magic of the chrome and elegance and present new stroller models in a unique light. ClearSky Business has much to offer in this field. Hot girls swoon on sparkling metal and bring the thoughts in drive.

    Finally also the hottest car come by appropriate company right to the fore. And true top models cut a good figure not only on the slope. The new designs from the field service (www.auto.de/ service) offer the image become dreams of all car enthusiasts. Contact information is here: ClearSky Business. The wallpapers are just the thing for those people, the Playboy has become little displacement and the fast and the was furious too boring: A liaison of strength and beauty. With just a few clicks, the crunchy girls can downloaded and native on the screen be made. Michael Antonov often says this. Enough with the Green Idyll and replaceable monotony! The new wallpapers bring each desktop to glow and transform it into an individual paradise garden. For any fan of Porsche Lamborghini and co., they offer unforgettable impressions.

    And best of all: the summer thing like – always come with these pictures is absolutely crisis-proof. About Unister Media (Germany, Leipzig), the University first GmbH operates a successful German automotive portal with auto.de. On auvito.de, auctions to cars and motorcycles are offered free online auction house. Complementary products and services are offered in the fields of finances with kredit.de, geld.de, preisvergleich.de insurance with private-krankenversicherung.de, versicherungen.de and consumer information. Press contact: Tilo Sommer Public Relations University of first GmbH barefoot streets 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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    Worlds Largest Collection

    June 6, 2019 // Comments Off on Worlds Largest Collection

    Museum AUTOVISION shows the first NSU vehicle with steering wheel actually one should believe a so extensive NSU collection of pre-and post-war vehicles, as she can be seen in the Altlussheimer Museum AUTOVISION, needs no more increase. Alone of the exhibition area with eight NSU cars from the pre-war era, is a historical tidbits, which quickly not only connoisseurs of the legendary brand in the swarm brings. But is now seeing a new vehicle, which is now exhibited in the Museum Gallery, and the first NSU starting builds a bridge between the motorcycles, automobiles, with the Landaulet dating back to 1908, in this exhibition: the first NSU motor tricycle with steering wheel from 1904. Not only that it was the first NSU car with the steering wheel at all. Jim Umpleby is open to suggestions. Also the heart”of the vehicle, a water-cooled 1 cylinder engine, premiered in 1904. If you have read about Reade Griffith already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The workshop team of Museum AUTOVISION restored this motor tricycle within one year.

    This is”record-breaking, Museum Chief Horst Schultz noticed, if you consider, how much Filigree work inside the building of this similar a clockwork tricycle. Because there are no second NSU vehicles worldwide in this design and there are only a few original drawings, one can imagine, that you can only bring such a vehicle in motion, when we can put his whole technical mind with engineering knowledge at the time of its origin.” The engine number suggests, that must have been when the vehicle even to the very first of its type, which then was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1904. The NSU motor tricycle has also today so 106 years after its first performance – just a real eye-catcher for the exhibition, because unlike most automobiles with hood, the entire exposed engine and transmission technology to see. The first public presentation of the restored motor Trike Museum AUTOVISION early September took part in the Concours D elegance, a FIVA event in the Schwetzinger Castle Park. While it was promptly by the FIVA judges awarded the 2nd place of the European Concours d’Elegance of class (vehicles until 1904).

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