• East Rutherford New Jersey

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    Ronnii Martin, the new Colombian pop singer, decided to launch to fame with a world tour, where he hopes the audience overcome 500,000 people in only 74 shows. The artist receives the news by mean of the promoting company TOP leaves, which does not possess their concerts in North America more ticketing, since sold out completely. For Martin, it was a big surprise to have received this information. To carry out its free concerts, this has caused people curiosity to know that singer, who appears from nowhere. The singer submit 34 shows in the American Airlines Arena in Miami, 7, 8, 15 November, where think 45,000 tickets counter-suspicions total in 12 hours, doing that I was added one date for December 5, 15,000 tickets were delivered in just 3 hours. This happened Similarly, in presentations that give the singer in cities like Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Washington & New York.

    In the city of Toronto (Canada), Ronnii Martin will offer two shows at the Air Canada Centre on the dates of 29 and 30 of November, where from October 15, 30,000 tickets, hoping to record just 6 hours of cast is given. RonniiXLive, titled the first tour Ronnii Martin, launches to promote his compositions has never sold on disks, videos, nor simple. Segun Martin, this is the perfect use oportundiad. On 1 November, the singer will have confirmed the hearing of 18,500 people, at the Izod Center in East Rutherford New Jersey, where will give home to their big world tour, United States, Canada, Europe & South America. Angela B.

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    Market Optimism

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    Then the optimism seizes of the market. The enthusiasm becomes effervescent and makes avisorar, for a near future, the growth accelerated between 7 or annual 8%. The interest rates lower, being much silver in the banks to render, reason for which the consumption of luxurious and necessary goods goes off. The consumer has silver to matter and to spend. That causes that the state increases its tributary income on the consumption and the imports.

    And as the state always has the tendency to be spent all income and something more, by all means it will increase the cost public and the economy will be abundant. But, as the idiot of the town says: " of that good one they do not give so much! " It is foreseeable that after some years, three or four, the things change. The indebted citizens and enjoying his " goods durables" , they will begin to be prudent in his expenses. The economy, before the impossibility to continue growing and with an important deficit in the trade balance, will begin its effect boomerang. And when an economy with problems is anticipated, the investments decrease, the interest rates increase, the tributary entrance of the State is diminished and the deficit begins to increase, reason by which state decides to finance its budget with more loans than the international banks begin to entrabar or to deny, before the distrust of the markets. The national and foreign investors feel fear and begin to remove their talk again. The interest rates continue increasing, the inflation galopa with joy, unemployment does of his and, in short, the economy enters recession. The government, seeing seriously damaged his income, trims as the public cost can, in the sector of investments first and soon in the one of operation, he proposes another tributary reform to increase the taxes, delivers attacks enormous to control the evasion persecuting to his contributors and takes part necessarily to save the economizers of the banks in bankruptcy and for, expensive also, to save one that another important company of its liquidation.

    The recession becomes critical. And for realities critics the most common solutions are the shock measures. The country that we imagined will be now victim of the strong devaluation, of the plans rigorous of fiscal adjustment, the paralysis in its investments, massive dismissals, wage adjustments below the index of inflation and all the others. And, clearly, the country will recover! Original author and source of the article

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    Managing Human Resources

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    and because you want a mature partnership … But let us see what we have at the other pole of this dichotomy is 'owner – worker'! Option 1. AA Krymov (author of 'You – Managing Human Resources', etc.) write (07.02.2009, http:www.megarost.ru): I recently read exchange of information between the class 'office plankton': – We roll of toilet paper through the shredder missed! – And we – laminate! … I will not exaggerate, I personally have never heard of such texts, but I think that ill-fated pastyans 'Spider' as a remedy for boredom for office workers – it is a byword. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the source for more interesting facts. In other words, people in the office stupid Mast from idleness. Option 2. One of my friends was really shocked when I told her that what she was doing, akin to stealing.

    This lovely, intelligent woman of very good family, middle managers working in a major bank, fetched from the network and print great books: Grof, Jean-Paul Sartre, Dovlatov Dumbadze … Bank since obodneet not! And, the truth – not obodneet! And who among us is without sin? 'Borrow at work' of paper, file folders, stationery and other stuff, and shake out your favorite kinoshki-net, games, music … What's the harm? Do we have a sin not considered! Moreover, the 'must have time to take advantage of while I work here' – it's a real phrase quite a real person and very professional Spreading position. Is not it true, gentlemen? Option 3. (Interview with employee) "Our organization – a team of talented people, we could be much, because we – the resource, gifted! That's just our leaders – they somehow do not motivate us at all! Ie We, of course, pay the salary, we arrive at the same to work, but that somehow does not light up, they do not inspire us! " Option 4. (From heart to heart talk with the CEO) 'Bitter to see how what started to build together, slowly destroyed. And something is destroyed because He (the owner) or to learn, move or hear no one wants! I feel a gel ball, resting on the ceiling – and I would like above, but a concrete slab does not start! It seems that he himself is like what would happen to his business! " What I? I still, about the relationship of a mature partnership and mutual responsibility.

    It is clear that at the other pole we find examples of blind unthinking use (see Ivan Krylov's fable "The pig under oak '), naivete, irresponsibility and infantilism. The fourth example is, of course, about something else – about the loneliness of human thinking, looking, adult, ready to take that same responsibility and which are not understood and Partnership … But it was his wish – a mature partnership. What to do, gentlemen? Perhaps it is time to think about what is actually happening to us? And then on the children's games in the 'business' move to their own understanding responsibility, above all, to themselves for their own lives. I'm afraid that what we all got away with a 'well-fed years', can now come back to haunt someone losing job, but someone lost business. Maybe really is time to think about the soul? … All events are fictional and presonazhi. Any resemblance to actual events and people by accident. Prodelzhenie follows. Elena Kornouhova, the League of Independent Consultants

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    The Difference

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    There are many definitions of coaching. With regard to business coaching we can say that coaching – a professional employee assistance company in defining and achieving its business goals. Coaching focuses on the rapid increase in the skills of the head or the Executive in order to effectively solve business problems. Coach does not give advice – on the contrary, he asks questions. But as a result of clarify these issues, client and articulates its goals for yourself, clarify the task and and finds the best way to solve it. Coaching assumes that every person has tremendous inner potential problem and a coach – to disclose this potential and, when it comes to business coaching, use it in the interests of the company.

    Thus, the difference between coaching and consulting is primarily in the approach to solving customer problems. The consultant works directly with its task. In other words, the consultant, having studied the situation, offers its complete solution of the problem or gives clear guidance to deal with it. Or, if needed, takes full solution of the problem itself. Coach works directly with people in order to address their task. Coach does not offer ready-made solutions, but gives employees the opportunity to find these solutions on their own, as well as find the most effective way to implement these decisions and requisite resources.

    Consultant – is, first and foremost, knowledge and experience. Knowledge of how to act properly in a given situation, how to solve a particular problem. Experience in solving a wide variety of business problems and issues according to their specialization. Moreover, not only his personal experience, but also experience of his colleagues, the experience of other companies, both successful and not. Unlike a consultant, coach – it is rather a partner to solve business problems. And here are important, not its expertise in business, but how well it possesses the skills of coaching. It is these skills coaching allows the client to find the right, sometimes unexpected, solutions and maximize the effectiveness of their actions.

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    Around Ravines

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    Many successful companies will sooner or later face the gradual reduction of "revolutions", when employees become accustomed to the settled rhythm and do not want to give more strength than required by the required minimum. Unmet This state of affairs leaders are considering various options for "restructuring", in particular, think about introducing the system of management by objectives (MBO) KPI. Such systems are long (more than 20 years), but the attitude towards them so far ambiguous. Despite the seemingly obvious advantages, their implementation often does not produce the desired result. Why? The answer is simple: "It was just on paper but forgot the ravines." This is not surprising.

    Enter the search System word: 'KPI' and you get about a million different options. In this issue, as almost to implement management of KPI (avoid gullies"), or not considered, or considered by the example of leading Western companies. For Most Russian companies cited the recommendations of practical value is relatively small. So you are planning to introduce management by KPI. Where to start? Obviously, with the development of themselves KPI. Given the amount of literature seminars and websites devoted to this theme, this stage is likely to go smoothly. There are more "gully" is not there, so consider it, we will not.

    The first "ravine" – reluctance (fear) of the workers to move to a new form of labor relations. And people are afraid not so much the fact that their work will be assessed as that he will be judged unfairly. And these fears are justified. First, it is not always the result of labor depends on the motivation and capabilities of employees. Very often the cause of failure is the poor organization of labor, which is the introduction of KPI can not be cured." Second, the activities of many companies are not transparent, which also helps to establish trust between employer and employee.

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