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    February 12, 2011 // Comments Off on Bill Gates

    This simple 4-letter word: WORK, causes itching in most people. This is so, simply because every day we sell the idea of ease and achieving great things without effort. Most people would like (want) to be like David Beckham or Michael Schumacher or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey (if you’re a woman of course) but no one has stopped to think how they all managed to get where they are and there is only one answer … they all are as they are because they have spent tons of hours of work behind their careers. Have been proposed to be the best of their kind and have done so only with work, effort and dedication. However, the vast majority of human beings dream (dream) with a magic wand to transform us into princes for toads in the blink of an eye and unfortunately, life does not work that way. In my personal case, I have not known or heard of a single successful person on this world that has not worked hard to make it to where it has been reached.

    Then, why do we then have the false belief that we will be a penny on top of that, without lifting a finger?. It is possible to make money online fast, but devoting time, effort and concentration sufficient to achieve this, others joined by a great desire to achieve our dreams. And that desire to speak, can not be just “flower of a day” (another big mistake we humans). The desire must be permanent, constant. Must be something that will matter what people tell us we must keep alive whatever happens and whatever happens. It’s like a flame, a fire that we can not extinguish or off. If the desire does not exist or simply shut down because today we started a project and the next day we have not won a single penny, then we have lost the war before beginning to fight. If you dear reader, think you have the willpower, courage, endurance, desire, the ability to beat the little devil that dwells within each of us and constantly tells us we can not accomplish anything, so if you have all this, I invite you to do and you know a way to earn quick money online without investing.

    It will be easy … Of course not, but if you live in your heart the desire to succeed in the same way that dwells within me, then in a year understand that you lost your time reading this short article. You in an “old” way of making money online that works. .

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