• Horseradish Sauce

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    Every family has traditions, whether it be a joint breakfast in the morning or fish Thursday, but there is still one of the family (except mine), for which the horseradish sauce has become a tradition. Because that is what he once was involved in that conversation, which marked the beginning of a great love. And it was this: at a party with friends I usually like a break and worked on the principle: Plan A – you need to get acquainted with one of the girls, and if it did not work (which was rare) was Plan B, which I began to absorb all the food to which he could reach out and … Bingo, my logic gave me the hand of a lovely female person, whose smile at first paralyzed me, and then entailed on the whole get-together. Only five minutes, I noticed that the owner of that smile is the proportion of 90-60-90, but I was so strongly impressed by no means a smile and a figure of the princess, frog, and then she to my questions and statements complete sarcasm and humor, evil (as many assure me), answer or a little worse than I am. This fact, of course, I was confused in a positive way. Then I realized that if they leave here, be sure to that charming smile, enchanting shapes and sharp tongue. Fearful of losing such a miracle, I acted with extreme delicacy, which, as later became clear, exalted in the eyes of my favorite image of me.

    Since then we have a tradition to cook the sauce, reaching for that I met my love. About him now and I'll tell you. For this recipe we will need: egg – 1 pc. horseradish – 1 tbsp. l. sour cream – 1 tbsp. l. Add to your understanding with mozes victor konig. vinegar – 1 tsp.

    salt recipe: 1. Wipe the egg yolk and sour cream. 2. Add grated horseradish vinegar, put in a water bath. 3. Keep in water bath (not boiling!) Before serving. Bon Appetit! PS horseradish sauce, also known as horseradish sauce from home if a damn.

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    Cake Preparation

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    In the Russian language the term 'cake' comes from the Italian language in the early eighteenth century. And the Italian word 'cake' comes from the Latin 'cake' which means' round loaf of bread. " It is no coincidence cakes are baked, mainly in oval to round, much less – square or hexagonal tortovyh forms. Sometimes, in order to prepare a special cake of sponge cake layer cut out layers of the desired shape. Cake Recipes is mainly used in the following way. Most often bake a cake for a cake from a special biscuit dough, which, for small cakes are cut horizontally into two layers, and large – the three reservoirs.

    It happens that a round cake cut into pieces of varying values and each piece is individually decorated. Baked sponge cake cut into layers, then impregnated with a flavored syrup, cream and then applied an oil cream and put one layer to another. The upper layer and sides of the cake is covered with the same cream, sprinkle with the sides of the biscuit crumbs, and decorate the surface layer chocolate cream, cream and butter, candied fruit or fruit. When cooking cakes it is desirable to follow some rules: 1. Butter, eggs and other foods must be fresh; 2. Wheat flour, sifted before use to dry and 3. Egg yolks, oil and protein needed to grind and mix the clay, porcelain or enamelware 4. Proteins to foam, you must first beat slowly, gradually accelerating movement Venichka and pour a little sugar in this or a pinch of salt.

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