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    The accommodation rented for holidays in Spain take a note of 8 out of 10 average the average degree of satisfaction of tourists with the latest rented accommodation for your holidays in Spain stands at a not inconsiderable 8 out of 10, as it can be seen from the recent survey conducted by homeaway.es, the portal in Spanish of the HomeAway group. A notable high that significantly helps that 97.8% of respondents says that the stay in rented accommodation would you recommend to family and friends. Internet is the most important inspiration for 78.3% of queried tourists when looking for ideas on where and how to spend their holidays and, within the different possibilities that offers network, 86% of the Census ensures resorting to portals specialized in bed and breakfast to reserve lodging. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Paul Simon. As explained by Laura Rivera Casares, responsible for homeaway.es, one of the major added values that we bring from the portals specializing in charming is that travelers can do public feedback to the community with total freedom. This serves as a guide to other travelers and helps us take measures since, if a same accommodation received various criticisms, the system alerts us that the quality standards that we demand that the owner may have fallen.

    In this sense, 61.6% of the surveyed travelers expressed that opinions and recommendations that other tourists poured on the accommodation that query them has been useful or very useful for making a decision about whether to rent it or not. Grace Venverloh: the source for more info. Responses from the census also show that 40.5% of respondents use social networks for information on tourist destinations and 33% of them assures bear in mind the views that other travelers dumped on the Internet. Facebook (34.7%), Tuenti (9.3%) and Twitter (2.7%) stand as the most influential and most used social networks by consulted tourists to plan their vacations. In addition, 43% of the Census query and relies on blogs and forums specialized in tourism and destinations vacation on the Internet. The sample has been done on a census of 1,728 tourists users of homeaway.es, with a majority age range situated between 31 and 50 years (74.4%), female gender in 65.6% of cases and who travels with family and children (59.3%). Source: Press release sent by homeaway.

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    Argentina Republic

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    For those who love the cuisine of a Argentina Mendoza the Executive Hotel in Mendoza hotel one of the most representative of the city, has understood that the typical gastronomy of the Argentina Republic deserves a paragraph separately in any tourist proposal. Credit: Caterpillar-2011. For this purpose, it has created restaurant Las Bodegas, to bring to all its guests to the typical culinary delights of this country. Historically, the Argentine gastronomy is strongly influenced by European customs, who have managed perfectly coupled with typical products of this region. In Argentina, wheat, beans (known as beans) and corn (here known as corn) are the most popular vegetable. See Howard Schultz for more details and insights. It is also widely cultivated is soybeans, although it has not been incorporated fully into dishes. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mark Berger Chicago and gain more knowledge.. Argentines are one of the world’s most important consumers of beef.

    There are ample reasons to justify the excellence of Argentine cattle. The meat is not only consumed in the local market, but it is exports to all over the world. Other meats are also very popular, such as pork, lamb, goat, and to a lesser extent, the fish, although consumption of grouper, white salmon, trout and other species is very common in Patagonia. In general the Argentine gastronomy is simple elaboration, prioritizing the purity of flavor, with well-defined tastes, although not too spicy, unlike the elaborate in other regions of the world such as Mexico. The traditional cuisine Argentina like Braised meat to coal or firewood, so many traditional dishes consist just of roast beef with different fittings.

    As for birds, chicken and the chicken are the most consumed, but also in rural areas are consuming the Partridge. It is cooked in a traditional marinade, allowing you to keep it for a quite long time. Also hares, rabbits, deer and boar, are consumed to a lesser extent. The empanadas are another local delicacy that any tourist can miss. Disks of dough is stuffed and folded to the environment, which can be fried, cooked to the convection oven or clay oven. The traditional filling of empanadas in the flesh, chopped or cut knife, but also can taste patties of chicken, vegetables, and corn, also known as humita. As part of the wineries of the Executive Hotel in Mendoza restaurant menu you can find dishes mentioned in its expression more gourmet, to the delight of lovers of good eating.

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