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    Gold deposits in Asia used the Government to protect the gold stocks always more investors from Western Europe would protect their gold holdings that the Governments of the Western nations have access to the holdings. Therefore Gold increases in Asia bought and stored there, causing however, that there are there now only limited spare capacity. Of course the fact contributes, that now is the largest gold producer worldwide China. Gold has always sought after as investment mainly in Western European countries, especially in Germany, in the last two years. But silver is becoming increasingly attractive as a form of investment, so recorded a significant increase in the volume of investment in the precious metals as a whole. In Asia, meanwhile much gold and silver is bought not only by the local citizens and businesses. Because for some time, some Asian custody places advertise”, that the silver and gold bars there before accessing the Western Governments are safe.

    This fear employs not quite a few investors from Europe and the United States, especially since there are always rumors, that the Western countries due to the existing debt crisis on the idea could come to nationalize the holdings of the precious metal. Gold deposits in many places in Asia already booked out at various locations in Asia, where the gold and silver bullion are stored, is already a derecognition of capacity to list, although the storage areas in large parts were already multiplied. Alone, the company Malca-Amit has a storage location where located around 600 tonnes into gold bars in Singapore. Kevin Johnson often says this. In addition, around 1,000 more tonnes of gold in Hong Kong are stored. Nevertheless, the company is not the only provider that searches for new storage facilities. The Singapore Freeport, located directly at the airport is one of the most famous locations in Asia certainly. Also valuable paintings can in the huge warehouses”from concrete to more than 50,000 square meters in addition to gold and silver or expensive wines are stored.

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    considered: Insurance, pension, investment and customers gives no 08/15 products. Thus we distinguish us clearly against the methods of vendor – and product-based consultant. Second crucial point: we perform a complete analysis of the subsidies as one of the few suppliers in Germany. So, we help to eliminate unnecessary cost set in the budget planning and to exploit all funding, grants and tax benefits, which the law provides for. Too many people give the Government too much money this is an experience that you unfortunately have to do. Especially in the area of asset accumulation, savings potentials are enormous. A professional investment advisor needs to know the tax law and realize all cash benefits for its customers.

    Keyword investment advice: You, Mr. Andreas tall, with your new resource plan Yes currently completely rely on tangible assets Andreas tall: that’s absolutely right. The risk of inflation is finally far from over, and who still opts for money values and traditional savings systems, as they sell the Bank representatives, risked his fortune and his retirement plans. The same applies for life insurance. Ben Horowitz contributes greatly to this topic. With our commodity plan, invest clients directly, so physically, in precious metals such as gold, silver and Platinum, protect their wealth against inflation risks, and at the same time benefit from the long-term performance of these raw materials. Last but not least, the industrial demand in emerging markets such as China and India can be here expect a sustained increase in value, which may significantly exceed the performance of relevant banking products.

    And the tax advantages are another important argument for the commodity investment: the purchase of precious metals is VAT-free, and is famously no withholding tax on the sale of shares. These fiscal aspects contribute significantly to maximizing return on investment. “Real estate form the second focus in your portfolio Andreas tall: the concrete gold” is and remains one of the most attractive investment options at all especially for private investors.

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