• The Task Of Automating

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    Automation Division was given the task to automate one of the most complex pieces of equipment in the production line – a block form as algorithm of actions of the operator of block forms reveals a number of serious problems to be solved: operator during the cycle must exhibit ball valves for steam power in the form as instructed. Operator should be every 15 minutes to conduct the whole cycle over again. Actions to manage the block form of uniform, but they require some attention. Against the background of general fatigue that leads to random errors in the management of a block form. Purging, steaming and cooling makes a statement, focusing on the testimony of gauges and clocks. So, first of all, it was necessary to relieve the operator from repetitive work.

    If the entire cycle of sintering the foam will meet the automation, the operator can perform other operations on the shop floor, for example, prepare materials or cutting blocks. This implementation would reduce the number of jobs in the shop, which significantly would reduce production costs. Requirements for the functional composition of the device: Having a single control panel throughout the block-form. A controlled valves and gates. A logic automatically controls the valves for steam supply valve position for loading of raw materials, fan control load and the vacuum pump. The presence of the operator panel to alert the operator informed of progress. A logic that implements the automatic start and end of the process.

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    Russian Federation

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    The modern period of development of market economy in Russia is characterized by the transition to a flexible system of industrial, commercial and economic relations. This trend is particularly noticeable in the sphere of housing, work effectively which in market conditions will be achieved through: – commercialization of housing and utilities sector (by 2010 the number of commercial service providers to reach 80%, which will create the industry’s competitive market environment and improve the quality of service) – to ensure no losses of housing and utilities (implemented through tariff policy) – to improve the quality of housing stock maintenance (by creating a management system multifamily housing (MCD)). It is clear that the first two components relate to all citizens of Russia and only the third is relevant for Russian homeowners, living in apartment buildings. It is obvious that ensure the maintenance of the house in proper form, it is necessary to effectively manage them. However, until recently the process in the best case boiled down to the current operation of the building. A chronic underfunding of municipal industry has led to the fact that many buildings have been maintained for 40-50 years, a smooth transition from discharge “in need of major repairs” in the category of “emergency housing”. Another important reason for this state of affairs with the housing stock was the absence of owners who would treat your home is really like to own private property and took care to keep it properly maintained. And although the post-privatization people fully felt themselves masters of individual apartments, not everyone is aware of its responsibility for the fate of the house as a whole. Manage according to the law, however, which came into force in 2005, the Housing Code of the Russian Federation clearly regulates how to manage apartment buildings.

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    Zharkov Motor

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    Its cooling system should be refilled with liquid ethylene glycol on the basis of a low-silicate and recommended by the manufacturer containing additives inhibitors. Cooling system should be completely clean vehicle with a high cleaning ability, and fill with fresh fluid with additives inhibitors at least 1 time in 2 years through 1200 motor-hours. It is important that in this case were also replaced the thermostat. Very useful for chemical analysis of coolant every 500 – 600 Moto-hours. It is equally important to provide a service replacement program, cracked, swollen or worn hoses. Outdoor pollution radiator can bring a lot of problems. It should be clean all the dirt – as nabivshuyusya between the plates of the core, and has accumulated around it. Check to see whether Jammed fins, if necessary, straighten them.

    Make sure that all the panels, air ducts are in place. Check for frayed fan belt is not whether he slips on the pulley. When listing seems that the workload is very big, but in reality they do not require much time. Their execution brings many benefits, so the technique works and does not idle in the repair. According to the magazine 'Fixed Assets' 9 / 2002 'The secret of longevity: the withdrawal of the heavy lifting and transport equipment' by O. Zharkov Motor When the oil in a region where know the exact content of sulfur in fuel, or if you definitely know that the sulfur content above 0.5%, you should choose engine oil with higher TVN (base number), that used oil higher operating group of API or the national standard.

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