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    The question of the garbage generated in the cities is, without a doubt, one of the great problems in the majority of the Brazilian cities. The high costs of implantation and maintenance of the collection systems and garbage treatment have taken to the failure much attempt of equacionamento. In Brazil, most of the city halls does not make selective collection of the garbage, and in the majority of the cases where it has collection, this is restricted to the followed collect of the final destination the opened sky, known as ' ' lixes, lixeiras or monturos of lixo' '. These constitute the propitious habitat of biological vectors (flies, mosquitos, cockroachs, rodents, etc.) responsible of the transmission of infectious illnesses, as fever tifide, salmonelos, amebase, malaria, affection, clera, leptospirose, etc., beyond contributing excessively with the pollution of the ground, air and of waters. World Teachers’ Day has plenty of information regarding this issue. In places where it does not have garbage collection, nor destination for sewer (basic sanitation, fossas,) these dejectos possess a destination preoccupying: sides of streams or in the yard of the residence, where probably it will develop the cited infectious illnesses above (great part parasatisms), mainly aggravated for me the characteristic nutrition of the community of these places, excluded of the collection ' ' urbana' ' of sanitary conditions essential to keep the environment in balance.

    These diseases pass to be considered as an endemic disease, a time that, the cure not part of the root of the question, and yes of a provisory treatment of the parasatism, and this is reacquired for the individual. When reflecting on these subjects, the first image that in ' ' acomete' ' , it is of a metropolis, with great number of homelesses and ' ' barracos' ' situated in the periphery; however, this image is not distant of our way. Consequentemente, the idea of a set of documents, in this city, where the occurrence of this problem and the real presence of it in the cascavelense society would be focused, would illustrate to the receiver, to that distance it meets e, it would provide a reflection on as to contribute to decide, or the least to minimize, and to understand this problem.

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    Garbage Collection

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    Without speaking in the bad odors that if spread for all the roundness. (THE COLLECTION OF THE GARBAGE, 1990) 2.2. I fill with earth bathroom Consists of great lands where the garbage is deposited, compressed and spread for separate in layers tractors, one of the others for a certain amount of land. This process facilitates its decomposition and minimizes the ambient damages, even so does not arrive to eliminate them total. For most constructed that is, the sanitary aterros they do not leave to exhale bad odors, being attracted animal and transmitting insects of illnesses. Moreover, the penetration of the water of rain finishes for contaminating next freticos sheets. (IBGE, 2002) the extensive areas that they occupy, as well as the ambient impacts whom they provoke extremely become problematic the legalization of the sanitary aterros inside of the cities.

    They always tend to be object of controversy and dispute between the public power, the land inhabitants and proprietors that suffer an intense depreciation due to this bothering neighborhood. Everything this makes with that the aterros are far from being the ideal solutions for the problems of the processing and destination of the urban solid residues, although to be today the half one more used for this. (IBGE, 2002) 2,3 Classification of the residues domiciliary originated in the day the day in the residences originated COMMERCIAL GARBAGE in the commercial establishments of service. It has a component fort of plastic paper, diverse packings materials as paper towel and hygienical paper. (CEMPRE, 2001) originated GARBAGE PLBLICO of the services of urban public cleanness, including the residues of the public ways, beach cleanness, of galleries, streams and strips of land. Consisting HOSPITAL GARBAGE of the septic residues that potentially can contain pathogenic embryos. This garbage is constituted of needles, syringes, gauzes, bandages, cottons, agencies and fabric organic removed, half of sewing, used animals in tests, coagulado blood, among others.

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