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    Only two olive oils tested by 25 were rated as a good many consumers connect with olive oil, a healthy diet and a piece of the Mediterranean way of life. But would his discount store oil in the neck stuck some consumers, if he knew more about its origin and production. But also a high price and an organic certification are not always a guarantee of a high quality. The olive oil connoisseurs have long knew what the magazine oko Test now once again confirmed: only two received oils tested by 25 good the overall rating in May. Of six organic olive oil four as deficient were classified. Already in May 2007, the magazine Merum devoted a whole book the everyday mislabeling in the olive oil business. Almost all olive oils that come on the market in Germany, to run extra as extra-virgin olive oil, so than oils of the highest grade.

    Hardly an oil, but indeed, deserves this designation. This is hardly surprising: the production quantity of extra is only a fraction of sales volumes. The result is that a high-quality oil on the market can be hardly, because it is virtually impossible to offer a high-quality olive oil for less than 10 euros per litre. But if the consumer extra for 3,70 euro can buy a supposedly extra virgin olive oil, he is hardly pick up four times as expensive oil. Because you are used to in Germany already of inferior oil, poor quality does not fall on: hardly anyone in this country know what a good olive oil tastes like actually.

    This is the Greek olive grower of Vasilis Thomopoulos has long been known. During his visits to Germany him noticed again, comes what TRANS as a high-quality olive oil with us on the table. Long it displeased him, good olive oil of Lakonia home at bargain prices by Italian and Spanish conglomerates is purchased to enhance then this low-grade oils. In 2005, Vasilis Thomopoulos learned the Mainz Economist Joachim Trott in whose Greece holiday know, and soon developed a close friendship between the Greeks and the Germans. The farmer told the friend of his vision to bring the good olive oil Lakonia, finally in its original quality on the German market of the young entrepreneurs of Mainz was immediately excited. This resulted in the Lakonikos Elia GmbH after careful planning. A small company offering award-winning Greek olive oil since August 2008 under The organic olive oil of the family Renieri was awarded as the best organic olive oil of Greece 2008. Still, the young company stands at the beginning of its commitment to high-quality olive oil in Germany. But the test results by oko Test made clear one: an alternative to the big oil companies is necessary. Not only finally fair wages for their work get the Greek oil farmers, but above all for the consumer in this country finally gets a really good olive oil. Jorg winter baby

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    Yearend Business Brand

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    After a successful first half of Oberhaching, September 2012. Not only the trade is preparing for the holiday shopping season. Also the Italian sparkling wine brand CINZANO Asti from the House of CAMPARI gearing up for a strong spurt in 2012. The season around the festive season is traditionally the most important time for the sparkling wine industry. After a successful performance in the year 2011 Asti CINZANO could already 2012 continue to expand its leading position within the young target group in the first half of the year. And rising! For many years, the Italian Asti CINZANO is one of the most popular sparkling wines in Germany.

    With its unique flavor, the product from the House of CAMPARI could contend successfully on the market. Especially when the target audience of under 29 years old, popular, brand already firmly grew in the first half of 2012 and maintained his position compared to its competitors, as evidenced by a recent GfK study. While other Asti increasingly declining sales figures had to announce private labels in Germany last year, it has CINZANO Asti managed its consumers with harmonious > communication measures, to bind embedded in digital environments, close to the brand. Asti CINZANO E.g. in the social network Facebook writes a true success story. With an overwhelming response and a consistently high fan activity, broke through the mark the 300,000 fan mark most recently in August and is so far ahead of the competition.

    “The preferences of young female consumers are the focus of Facebook activities of Asti CINZANO: being together with your best friends and the perfect girl evening”. Another element of the digital brand communication is the CIN, CIN moments mobile app, which was launched as the first Smartphone app in the sparkling wine segment already in March 2012. Another novelty Asti CINZANO with earlier this year was for the first time on the support of a celebrity Ambassador for the brand.

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