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    Fences serve the enclosure and the accrual of other land. in addition he fulfilled duties as privacy or rank help. Module fences allow an individual, custom-fit design. (tdx) Whether on the terrace as a detachment to the neighbors or privacy in the Garden: fences have the task to separate areas and fenced plots for centuries. The choice of different materials and shapes is hardly to survey from wire mesh over natural wood up to plastic versions, everything is offered. However, most of the available systems are produced, for prefabricated mass, so that width and height are difficult to vary.

    Flexible alternatives arise in the plastics industry, as evidenced by the new module fence SYSTEM WPC by Brugmann TraumGarten. Either one chooses a total height of 84 m a fence box set, consisting of twelve elements arise, or for individual profiled boards. Together with coated metal posts, which can be shortened as and as corner posts. in the Earth sunk or screw on available, all widths and heights garden fencing and terrace demarcation problems dissolve into air. In addition, the length of the individual plug-in elements, which is 1, 78 m factory is variable.

    Caps of the boards you on the demand to reduce these, to adjust the fence to the local conditions. Simply assemble profile boards are limited by their width by 16 cm, including tongue and Groove, 15 cm increments placed in mesh. The individual parts are held from the metal posts, which have side cut-outs. For stability and a harmonious conclusion, a metal profile is introduced at the beginning, before the SYSTEM WPC profiles be inserted after. The desired height has been reached, an additional metal profile the post closes the resulting fence and a Cap. Resistant and easy to clean the SYSTEM WPC consists of the basic material wood polymer composite (WPC), which is a durable and easy-care natural fibre-plastic mixture. The means that any dirt simply rinse can, and each item to not be deleted. “” Each profile, available in the colours anthracite “, almond” has two different surfaces: a page 1 one side grooved, smooth, so that an individual patterns can be designed. Overall a fence can be with the new module fence SYSTEM WPC in a short time and on their own create that meets its natural functions and at the same time maximum flexibility. There is more information about the module fence SYSTEM WPC on the Internet at. Tanja EST

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