• Lay Tile Walls

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    Did you know that the tiles on the degree of impact resistance is divided into four classes? Very 'weak', referring to the first class is usually used in the bathroom, and high impact tile fourth grade, usually lay at the entrance to the institution. Laying tiles on the floor similar to the revetment walls – there also needs to find a starting point, notoraya must coincide with one of the vertical rows. Seams are sealed for the next day, a special sealant or pure cement mixture with a rubber spatula. For wide joints (4-5 mm) in the cement mixture, add a little sand. Attach a ruler to one of the walls. It is not something Jim Umpleby would like to discuss.

    To her attach bath, along which pull the tape measure so that a line perpendicular to the wall that extends to the opposite wall. Cut the trim pieces of tile to lay in the corners and along the walls and glue them so that the rows of tiles on the wall and the floor were strictly symmetrical. Start with the farthest from the door of the room. Cut tiles as possible positioned against a wall. Cut tile to the extent possible locate along the walls All the tiles should be laid on one level All tiles should be laid on the same level.

    Besiege tile can be easily hammer blows. Try not to walk on the newly paved surface. If you have no choice, put on the floor wide board and a heavy step on it. Do you have a choice: cut the bottom of the door jamb or cut his form on a tile.

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    The Room

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    Now let's talk about actually laying tile. Before you begin installation wizard always read the manufacturer's instructions. Again, that surface should be hydrophobic, smooth, durable, dry, plumb level, preferably a white background. The room temperature should be maintained in the range from +5 to +30 C. Before laying the necessary raschertit is coated surface into squares appropriate size mosaic modules. Caterpillar understood the implications. For a more exact observance of all sizes, the master recommended decomposed into three mosaic floor of the module so that the proportions between them coincided with the dimensions between tessera (Pieces) mosaic on the module itself. Then, the size, consisting of three modules should be moved to the wall horizontally and vertically, of course everything should be lined on the level and plumb! In this case, the wall will square mosaic of nine modules.

    Some artists use a square of four modules – it does not matter. The main thing to observe the exact geometry to all the joints were the same, then the surface will appear as a single mosaic carpet. In the case of glass mosaic is always necessary to use a special white glue. Konstistentsiya glue should be optimal in order to keep the mosaic module on a vertical surface – the consistency of thick cream village. Using a special trowel with teeth the size of 3 to 3.5 mm, flat surface to glue on the section of the wall does not exceed an area of nine modules, you can cover a smaller area.

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    Reliable Furniture Assembly

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    All of us often buy furnishings. Sometimes in the shelter, sometimes working in the building. Very rarely out of the shopping center we are bringing pre-assembled fully furnished, often it is placed in cardboard containers completely disassembled: the details of furniture features, screws and nuts for fastening the elements separately. Then, when packed furniture is transported to its place of installation, start the actual installation process. If purchased by a simple table for the usual four legs, the issues involved in the assembly will not arise, but if it is, by the way, the wall in the living room, then here without the complexity and overall headache will not do. Of course, in the presence of a special instruction, but sometimes, when made furniture assembly instructions, respectively, it can seem as though there is no indication in the manual assembly of very difficult items. In such cases, we may ask yourself a hard question, why are we right in the store did not pay for the assembly of this piece of furniture.

    Savings on the assembly furniture does not necessarily have grounded. Think about it, it's easier to trust this kind of activity people which in fact for many years engaged in this, know all the models of furniture, they know the steps assembly, because assembly of the cabinet can be carried out in separate moments. A person you need only figure out where the next purchased piece of furniture set. There's another element. Agree, some furniture in the assembly may require not only a pair of hands. That is, self-install kit alone furnishing for the kitchen area you can not. While there, provided that the attempt two days, then, of course, be able to collect.

    But who will need such a strong head crash. And what if the furnishings purchased for the whole office, which can perform responsibilities than a dozen people? Here, too exactly unaided can not do. If you need an experienced collector of furniture, you can order his services in the salon, where the furniture was purchased. A can do so via the Internet. Find companies, and to invite collectors on the phone is not difficult – this time a large number of companies provide such services. At present, creates a large number expensive unique furniture. If you like furniture you assemble yourself, you'll easily be able to damage the elements. And to get the latest details and paste them in return damaged will not work because creators of such furniture will not engage in importation into stores its details. In case you have not offered with the furniture for some mysterious reason, the build system, you can not worry – the master installation of furniture simply would cost even without it, even if it is a unique stylish furnishings. If you've ever once used become wizards for assembling furniture, you better never wish to do such tedious work personally, fumbling a pair of days and a couple of times again coming to the initial step of assembly.

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