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    Acrylic paintings with funny sayings and quotations to think and laugh the freethinkers Gallery three years years worked in the living Munich author and painter Rainer Ostendorf on his cycle “Freethinkers”. Now he exhibits for the first time his paintings on the Internet. A short saying that should stimulate thinking stands on each image. The painted free-thinker, approx. 300 different heads, are philosophically and always rely on the findings of the great thinkers in the history of the world. Whether Democritus, Socrates, Platinum, Aristotle, Diderot, Kant, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche, philosophical thoughts can discover the Gallery visitors on many topics.

    Classified Rainer Ostendorf has his freethinkers Gallery in 6 different galleries he has sorted by topics. The most extensive exhibition is the Gallery of “Philosophy”. In it the author and painter deals with the knowledge of the ancient philosophers, but also with the findings of modern brain researchers. There are questions about our cognition ability and the freedom of the will. Leading philosophers and Brain researchers are cited between the images. This is what distinguishes the freethinkers Gallery. The many quotes, aphorisms, wisdom and proverbs correspond very well with the many images. A video will be shown in the Gallery of “Politics and religion” along with many images and quotations by Hagen Rether.

    He criticized the Pope in a very humorous way. Even Helge Schneider is represented in the Freethinker Gallery with a video post. He philosophizes about existence and asks, what is it. It gives much pleasure to listen to these two lateral thinkers. On the galleries of “Philosophy” and “politics and religion”, the galleries – “what is love?” – “Man and woman” – follow “Humor and satire” “Agents and spies”. In the introduction of each gallery are funny quotes from philosophers, scientists, artists and creative thinkers – then follow the acrylic paintings with sayings by Rainer Ostendorf. Between some of the pictures are poems by him. It is the blend of funny pictures, funny quotes, poems and videos, which well maintains the Gallery visitors and him Pleasure. At a high level, he receives countless food for thought. For this reason, should be of Gallery visitors little time for visiting the freethinkers take Gallery. Many proverbs are really. It is worth to think long about it. Have fun watching and reading wishes you Rainer Ostendorf freethinkers Gallery – funny pictures, quotes and sayings

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    Butler Collection

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    Art, history and aesthetics of China newly discovered the Butler family collection is the world’s largest collection of Chinese porcelain of the 17th century. The private collection was founded by the British in the 1970s in the life of Sir Michael Butler. Initially, the focus of looking at porcelain was pieces from the period 1500-1740. Later shifted the focus of the collection on the so-called transitional period between the end of the Ming dynasty around 1620 and the beginning of the Qing dynasty to 1683th members of the Butler family are today respected experts in the field of historical Chinese porcelain. The renowned collection has today largest value in the historical, cultural and artistic context. Therefore the collection is issued already in many museums around the world, including in the V & A London, Shanghai and the Frick, New York. The importance of porcelain from China as the country of origin of the material resulted mainly from centuries of imports. The Dutch and British, from the 17th century the supremacy in the East India trade could claim brought the goods on the European mainland.

    Henceforth, the Chinese porcelain, not only use dishes, both exceptional decoration settled the European noble courts. Especially the blue and white wares played an important role in this area. Accordingly, the importance of traditional Chinese porcelain is exceptionally large today. The motives of the Chinese porcelain art weddings enjoyed popular again today. Go hand in hand with the trend of the reflection on Asian art and cultural heritage. Konitz has managed to bring 7 selected motifs of the famous Butler collection on cups made of fine bone China porcelain. Thus, the company combines traditional motifs, colors and materials with modern forms and production techniques. This symbiosis leads to a revival of the aesthetic perception of porcelain and brings them into the domestic kitchens. Contact: Konitz porcelain shop Bettina Siebert shop management-August-Bebel-Strasse 27 b 07743 Jena Tel.: 03641 / 3105976

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    Cabaret With Christoph Brusque –

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    How much is the world?” After three highly successful years with his perennial snubs!”is the Niederkasseler comedian Christoph brusque limitless. In his new solo program he faces the trials and tribulations of global everyday life namely. “The result is: how much is the world?” Then, enjoy a cabaret exploring the excesses of modern life. For more information see this site: Kevin Johnson. The lively Rhinelander leads you in 100 minutes around the world. Full amazing ideas with brusque BBs of unique mixture of policy Cabaret entertainment music crossover including high local integration.

    Must we fear from the future? We have at the end of the nose, or are we the World Wide depression? After 100 minutes you will be not wiser perhaps but guarantees better mood. Because sudden stand up cabaret with high fun factor. His tools: Word acrobatics Schalk in the mouth, in the neck and peered in the heart. Not to mention his rich voice, which is one of the most distinctive in the industry. What has a Crab Salad with Al Qaeda to do? How to get best through the Indian quarter of poverty? Why is it advantageous to be friends with a Russia German? Brusque will answer it. If demos on the Cayman Islands, controls at the airport, or the new Olympic events in Beijing, brusque spans the range from the hedge fund managers to the towel Ninja. For him no inconvenient truth remains unsaid and no eye dry.

    Must we fear from the future? We have at the end of the nose, or are we the World Wide depression? After 100 minutes you will be not wiser perhaps but guarantees better mood. Because the lively Rhinelander makes stand up cabaret with high fun factor. His tools: Word acrobatics Schalk in the mouth, in the neck and peered in the heart. But what is the world?”is not only eistvolle satire of globalization, but also a wonderful piece of music-cabaret. Garnished with songs and arrangements of the Cologne cult composer Christian Hein, much vaunted voice bringing violent really to shake. And by the way has brusque in his research found paradise on Earth. “Were so excited and enjoy Christoph brusque as a global player in: how much is the world?” Media contact: Cultural Club Eden Koben e.V. Torsten Materna Dr. Franz pastures Reich-Strasse 22 67480 Eden pens Web:

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