• European Smartphone Market

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    Android already surpasses Apple and sits in second place among the OS for smartphones in the main European markets.HTC and Samsung are the manufacturers that distribute more smartphones and Spain is the second country in the area with greatest number of smart phone users. ComScore MobiLens conducted a study that analyzes trends in growth of the Android plataformGoogle through the five major European markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom, known as the EU5. According to the average for the quarter ended in July 2011, all the EU5 testified using smartphones 88.4 million users, a 44 percent increase over the previous year. Spain is the second country with the highest percentage of users of smartphones, with a share of 43.2 percent, placing in first position United Kingdom. Details can be found by clicking bobby bland or emailing the administrator. The data show that Android has eaten the Apple, placing ahead of the Cupertino company. The operating system Google showed the fastest growth among the platforms of smartphones in this period, increasing its market share of 22.3 to 6 percentage points. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chris Shumway.

    The growth of Android in the last year therefore outperforms the all the other platforms by a significant up to 32 points with regard to Symbian, leading margin of the table with a 37.8 percent share. The data include taking into account the percentages for 2010, when Apple surpassed with a 19 percent of fee to 6 percent of Android. Unique platforms that lost share were Symbian and Microsoft, which declined a 16.1 and 4.8 per cent respectively. Thanks largely to the growing popularity of the platform of Google, the use of smartphones has experienced significant growth, declared the European Vice President for comScore, Jeremy Copp mobile. In July 2011, 19.7 million users in five countries smartphone used terminals Android, obtaining the highest number in the Kingdom United (6.3 million), followed by France (4.5 million) and Germany (4 million). In these areas, HTC has most of the Android market with 34.6 percent, placing the following Samsung with a 31.7 percent. For its part, HTC and Samsung are the main manufacturers of Android.

    HTC achieved the largest market share with 34.6 percent of all Android devices used throughout the region, closely followed by Samsung with a 31.7 percent. In the United Kingdom, HTC accounted for over 50 percent of Android devices in use, a percentage significantly greater that in other countries, explains the study. Meanwhile, Samsung ranked second of Android in that country, representing less than half of the quota of HTC (21.6 per cent). However, among the other members of the EU5, Samsung stood at the head of Android devices with a share of 42.3 percent in France and more than 30 per cent in Germany, Italy and Spain. The activity less carried out the users of smart phones of the five countries, between those analyzed, is access to news (12 percent), followed by access to social networks or blogs (15.3 per cent).

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    How To Get Rid Of Pirated Software At No Additional Cost

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    Why do otkazyvatsya from vorovannyh programm? For individuals – no more hassle with finding appropriate for your version of cracks, serial numbers and "pills" which are not always so easy to find. For businesses benefit even more apparent. Current trends to tighten control over the observance of copyright has led many to think about how many stolen software can do in the office. Fear of unexpected test, subsequent proceedings and accounts of piracy – all of this is canceled! And if we talk about Open Source operating systems, there is added to the main trumps high stability and sustainability, "fool-proof." So far, so more we make it clear that the era of piracy is now coming to an end. In the West, it is almost destroyed.

    As for the CIS – on the border of our galaxy cruisers cyber-police are already lining up in battle formations and are prepared to soon to rush to the attack on users. The first business will fall – they check and control much easier. But for us normal users can find their own lash – for example, control of the license over the Internet. It is a matter of time – we are forced to surrender. Will buy or utilities that you use once or twice a month for 500 euros, or use Open Source. So why not begin the transition and adaptation now, so that later there was no painful break-up on a favorite of Korela and Photoshop? But how can that be? Did have to turn out his pockets and buy each program you use? This can be avoided if the move to Open Source! Open Source – it's free software software with open source. This software is especially popular with programmers because they can make it in any changes. How and why to use Open Source ordinary users? Firstly, it has a license (available at GNU GPL, or its modifications). Secondly – it is free! Simply put, replacing all the commercial products are pirated their Open Source counterparts not only do you protect yourself and business from audits and lawsuits in which you do not have opportunities, but also significantly save the budget!

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    Finance Department Business

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    Printing documents is one of the most common operations in companies around the world and an important part of everyday business. In-depth knowledge of opportunities printing equipment will help you as much as possible to implement them for your business needs. The variety of economic activities and enterprises is manifested in the difference between needs and requirements, as companies' employees and customers. To identify the best solutions for your business printing allows a variety of ways to improve its productivity and profitability. Finding opportunities to carry out a print-out remote object is a huge advantage to employees who are on their way and often work outside the office.

    Mobile and wireless printers make it possible, and provide users the flexibility to a document is printed on the wireless network, regardless of their location. Depending on the division of the company, while working in the office printing needs may be different. For the employees of the Finance Department and the personnel department when printing confidential documents are always at the forefront of concern for the safety and integrity of personal information, while for the marketing department or bureau of design more just want to print large volumes of high-speed and quality. Secure image processing and printing help enterprises comply with security protocols and the implementation of such special features such as secure printing and access control, providing protection for confidential documents. Secure transmission algorithm with support for DSS is a common method used for cryptographic data processing and the formation of a safe route of passage of information. Print service providers offer a variety of security solutions for data access and removal capabilities to print only to authorized users. To control access to data may be adjusted as the individual user settings.

    IP security – security protocol network traffic on IP-level – ensures reliable authentication, confidentiality and message integrity, and protects the network protocols printing and scanning. Printing solutions for business needs can be customized to the needs of security security in specific industries such as healthcare, financial services and activities of state bodies. Effective cost management is a priority for all businesses, and review your current printing techniques will help minimize the costs of such an essential function of business. One effective way to minimize costs is to optimize the printer's hard disk. In many enterprises established many a time used by printers of various models and brands. Network administration is too complicated, and certification costs for each unit can be a huge gap in the budget. The use of universal printer driver solves this problem by offering a cost-effective way to consolidate the equipment in general complex and reduce costs. More One important factor is compatibility with other applications. Printing solutions for business needs can be adopted in compliance with specific industry requirements, but it is essential to ensure compatibility with the underlying technology used to print, to operate key applications such as Oracle or SAP. Last but not least – buying remanufactured cartridges can seem cost-effective solution, but a comprehensive consideration of factors in the transaction actually saves money in the long run. Electrolux might disagree with that approach. Using the original, authentic toner for your printer and your equipment increases the reliability and quality of printing, which saves time, money and resources in the long run, the more efficient functioning of your business.

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