• Automatic Screen Rotation

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    These connectors are more versatile and practical than the standard Chinese as in other models. After switching on the mobile phone Anycool T718 can see even more innovation. A completely new firmware, with a range of improvements and the good old features. First, we note the embedded gyroscope that allows the phone to respond to the shaking. Shaking can perform various functions, Depending on what function the phone you at any given time use. For example, the MP3 player shaking allows you to switch songs when using the FM-radio you can easily change channels using this function, and similarly when viewing photos. In standby mode, shaking left and right allows you to switch your phone wallpaper, and up and down quickly locks the keypad mobile phone. When watching TV, videos, photographs and pictures of the phone responds to the transition to a vertical or horizontal position in upheaval and automatically changes the orientation of the image.

    This new feature ASR (Automatic Screen Rotation) Auto rotation screen phone implemented on the basis of built-in accelerometer. Further, it is worth noting a new menu that supports a range of animation effects. For example, 3D cube, where a change of menu items is as if the three-dimensional flips cu. Or flipping through the pages of the book and slipping. It looks very impressive. Very interesting and another new feature in the firmware – to set the magical voice. An excellent opportunity to play with friends Anycool T718, replacing your voice. The phone has four female and two male voices.

    Pick any, and the following conversation always be remembered for your companion. And it's not all! As mentioned above, flashing cell phone Anycool T718 completely new. Now more convenient and logical organized list of dialed, missed and received numbers, menus organized more logically and intuitively, in some menu items, there were hints in Russian and other updates Compared to previous models. Picking up this model, any value him at once stylish and impressive appearance, but after the new features sure to produce a great impression. So, no matter how many articles did not written about the Anycool T718, yet it is only a superficial cover of its main advantages. In this live phone makes a lot more impressed and will not disappoint even the most demanding customer.

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    PBX KX

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    Vozozhno, they are simply afraid to monopolize the market with their PBXs, because from the consumer point of view, the price of them then there would be … Nachnchem with the fact that having a division of subscribers to the internal team can not use the full range of certain functions, which, again, in our opinion, simply must be in the stations with ‘Twists’. Subscribers can use the group functions such as call pickup within the group, but sometimes it is not only necessary, but rather the contrary – is unacceptable. ak a subscriber must always be a member of one of the groups situation can happen when subscribers are not eligible to make intra-call pickup, are in one group. Most often this problem arises when using the PBX KX-TD1232, where the same number of internal subscriber groups (there are only eight in both types, and in 816 th, and in 1232 th), the number of internal numbers used (EXT) can exceed 32 (up to 128 when using the ‘doubles’).

    With stations in the KX-TD816 is a problem arises much less frequently, usually maximum number of extensions (32) is quite rare. In using the same groups and there is another pitfall. The fact that the automatic call forwarding (HUNT, UCD) also operate within the same group, and often there are situations when you need to work the same function HUNT is not in the same group, for example, in an automatic redirection to participate only Some group members, and members of other groups.

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