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    The problem is above all human. I invite you to look at the face of the other and discover that it has a soul, a history and a life: it is a person and God loves him as housekeeper myself. It is public knowledge, that sixty-seven people, including African immigrants, police and neighbors, wounds resulted in three days of riots.It is necessary to restart from the heart of the problem, the Pope said commenting on the events in Rosarno. It is necessary to restart from the significance of the person. An immigrant is a human being, different in origin, culture and traditions, but a person to respect and with rights and duties, especially in the field of work, where the temptation to exploitation, but also in the scope of conditions is easier concrete life.Held Benedicto XVI fraternity cannot be set through an ideology, even less by Decree of any constituted power.

    Us recognizes brothers starting at the humble but deep consciousness of being the only heavenly father children, noted. The fact that this reality where events such as human rights, are given treatment, exploitation, dissent, nine buses with 250 immigrants left the Calabrian style of Rosarno, that town as he said triggered clashes between groups of Africans, police and neighbors, which caused dozens of injuries, while civilians wielding iron bars roamed the town under a climate of extreme tension attributed to racismexploitation and intolerance. 2,500 immigrants of color were transferred yesterday by the Italian authorities to reception centres close to the town of Rosarno. Faced with this reality the Minister of the Italian Interior, Roberto Maroni, commented that one of the hypotheses that are shuffled in the investigation of the facts is Ndrangheta (from the region of Calabria mafia) group is behind the violence against the immigrants to obtain cast them in the town. This group would have unleashed violence against immigrants.

    Maroni, who promotes the establishment of the crime of illegal immigration in Italy, added: If the security forces discovered an undocumented, (this) has to be arrested and taken to a Centre for identification and expulsion: identified and subsequently expelled. This is the procedure that we always follow. In the two last years 40,000 undocumented have been repatriated to their countries of origin and the landings of irregular immigrants in Italy have been reduced by 90 percent, says the agency EFE. About the possibility of a strike by immigrants in Italy convened over the Internet for the next March 1, the Minister acknowledged the right to express their opinion but warned that whoever comes out into the street to demonstrate and not have papers, will be expelled from the country. The fact that these facts Italy must assess its immigration laws and find a way that those who are incorporated into live in the Italian scenario, ensure compliance, and their rights are respected once it meets the requirements as the Government request to be accepted in the country.

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