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    The fear of global warming is the best that have ever invented researchers Copenhagen/Berlin, December 14, 2009 – the Copenhagen climate conference is in full swing. Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen puts it in a nutshell: we must not fail. It was all about in slowing global warming. Had to cope with two degrees above pre-industrial levels, but then is final. About 200 States come together, to prevent the worst. Our children to the disaster film the science fiction genre assign finally 2012 still by Roland Emmerich, not the documentary.

    Just in time for 2012 the Kyoto Protocol runs out, brrrrr. But if we look closer, then many supposedly unique relationships around the global warming are somewhat more complicated. The debate begins: CO2 is an injurious gift even for the United States it is now officially the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has classified the greenhouse gas as injurious poison. The greenhouse effect does now exist for all, not an invention by Scientists’ more. \”Cheers the environmental protection organisation WWF, yes we can\”, the stern writes a great decision.

    Thus, President Obama has more leeway in Copenhagen: if necessary, he can regulate emissions of carbon dioxide without congressional approval. Yet he offered a reduction of CO2 emissions by 17 percent by 2020, according to a report of the world. Federal Environment Minister Rottgen surpasses: he wants to reduce emissions from all 40 percent by 2020. The ICT sector has done enough to even hearty to be encountered before the head. Because it produces now as much CO2 as the global aviation. This is so, but may not be. Because by 2050 the global industry must offer services in a nearly CO2-free, otherwise it is a little worse than expected with global warming. Click mozes victor konig to learn more. Companies such as Bizerba go ahead to lead by example. Let be the many travels and prefer to talk via video conference.

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    Possible price explosions over the next few years, there are conflicting representations. (Source contradicts a recent study by the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research and the University of Leipzig Suddeutsche Zeitung). The experts make it clear that neither the prices nor the carbon burden through the expansion of renewable energies and flexible gas – and coal-fired power plants rise. In the future, the individual is required, because the prices closely linked to the power consumption. More and more consumers save electricity, less energy must also be produced. For power consumption in the year 2050 estimates differ widely. Then, Germany would need annual 380 to 773 terawatt power.

    Today, individuals and industry consume together 660 terawatt. So that power consumption continue to fall, energy efficient appliances and technologies evolve, the buildings, as well as a cost-conscious expansion in the eye. In one are all agreed: in future, fossil fuels are more expensive and electricity produced from renewable energy sources cheaper. Action rather than wait: what you can get today, not move the quick exit tomorrow the majority of advocates, but many citizens to protest against the Expansion of networks. You do not want electricity pylons and reservoirs on its own doorstep.

    A solution is obvious: people want to be better informed and be actively involved the reconstruction of the energy supply. It is sustainable, if the responsibility on many shoulders spread. Everyone can do something: power saving, reduce one’s House, new pylons are in favour of or buy a solar system. This decision for renewable energy will change the lifestyle sustainable. The own contribution to climate protection not all homeowners can have a windmill or a biogas plant in the garden. Therefore, the solar energy makes an important contribution for private energy transformation. Many homes have well aligned and sunny roofs which are suitable for plants. Thus, every homeowner can produce cheap energy and also themselves consume. Therefore, it is independent of the conventional energy supply. Thought further, he exonerated this electricity networks and their expansion. In the near future, the modules are cheaper and also developed the necessary energy storage. At the latest photovoltaics as a key component in the energy mix will be firmly established. Last year 9.6 billion book would have to be planted, in order to save 120 million tonnes of CO2. So much CO2 was nonetheless avoided because wind, biomass, water and Sun were used for the energy supply. “www.everenergy.de/ magazine clearly one: only a 100 percent renewable power is really persistent,” the Chairman of expert Council on the environment Prof. Dr. Faulstich confirmed….

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    URL Collection

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    With all his strength, you will ensure that this attitude of refusal not in affected be a stable market. Ekopunkt opposed to membership in the newly formed association according to Fruscio. He is one of the largest waste management companies beginning with the letter R to the addition”of animated be, talking about the fifth amendment in the ground to push forward their own interests. Critical sees the tendency to license dumping”of the BDSD. There are companies that offer the collection, sorting and recycling of plastic waste for 500 euros per tonne. Dual systems could not offer their services for this price. We know our purchase prices, this is not feasible,”noted Fruscio. His Association will provide reconnaissance for the consumer goods industry and promote understanding, that you could not complete disposal contracts at this price level.

    More clarity would have it also in the industry solutions give, take back the packaging waste directly in the business and not participate in the costs of household waste collection. Here the BDSD wanted make sure that waste management services also really stand behind the solutions and not a pure trade with weighing bills, as is unfortunately often the case in the past. Something you must prevent and denounce if necessary. Reputable estimates the market for industry solutions allowed are only around 150 million euros per year. The new Association to 1.1 to 1.3 billion estimated the market size for the household collection. Also the imaginative to declare sales packaging to transport packaging harms the dual systems. This is particularly in the non-food sector”, criticized Fruscio. Many writers such as Michael Antonov offer more in-depth analysis. Here there is an ingrained wrong knowledge of industry partners. Blog discussion under: gunnarsohn.wordpress.com/../radelsfuhrer-trittbrettfahrer-dumpingpreis-recycling../ editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

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    Peggy Guggenheim Collection

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    All participants are also available in the port is available for individual interviews. Fabrizio Plessi Fabrizio Plessi was born in 1940 in Emilia Romagna and Northern Italy. After studying and teaching in the artistic Lyceum and at the Academy of fine arts in Venice, he was Since the end of the sixties more and more his artistic focus toward installation, film, video and performance out. Fabrizio Plessi is best known for his landmark Roma “-installation at the documenta in Kassel in 1987.” He is a pioneer in the world of video installations. His works can be found among others in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in New York and in the Biennale Gardens of Venice.

    Fabrizio Plessi Louis Vuitton at the artistic level five years closely cooperates with the internationally renowned fashion label. SiG solar group SiG solar group is one of the leading German sales specialists for photovoltaic modules and bundles a variety of system solutions for the efficient use of renewable energy sources under one roof as a group. SiG solar is available in Europe for the successful marketing of the brand Sun Earth and has more than 20 years of experience in the trading of Chinese products. Since 2004, the North German company cooperates with the Chinese module maker Sun Earth solar power. Since its founding in 2004 has SiG solar implemented modules with a volume of services of more than 600 MW in Europe. SiG solar combines a versatile group of companies themselves. In addition to the distribution of photovoltaic systems and all relevant solar services of power plant construction to operation & maintenance of PV systems SiG also offers solar services and products on the whole territory of the efficient use of energy: electric mobility, LED technology, storage media, intelligent building management systems or solar-car port systems.

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