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    They are routes that lead to nothing and will bounce. Or is that there will be traps and dead-ends. Perhaps this has happened with their late sixties avant-garde experiments, era that nevertheless allowed the coexistence in the same cultural space of several poetic trends their devotees, supporters, sponsors and critics, sometimes enthusiastically discriminators and absolutists have wanted it or not. But the choice that show these verses not limited or encloses; but the craft of the silversmith consists of working with all materials. The desire for conciseness and accuracy is expressed in this same part of the book, the poem ADVENTUROUS: sharpen each word and squeezing each syllable, with the result of the achievement of the communication that is the ultimate aim of this journey or voyage poetic: the paths of the book going to the meeting of the other., says hands to work, which implies that the poetry is also conceived as a common area, an encounter. Passed so dimension merely communicating to the situational (concrete, social?), since in the same poem poetic issuer asserts that it seeks to create a space shared., and poetry is also land of encounter, concept of great current validity that is no stranger to the virtual world and politics. This intention metapoetica than traditional lyrical look verses inside seems to encompass the various dimensions of the production and appropriation of Scripture, especially poetic already since the first poems of the book: the doubts always besieges page is tarja tells us in writing at any time can be that you peek the poem and extends sound and sense to join a firm willingness to form stated in various moments in the poem take place close the text as fiesta de vendimia, the poetic issuer asserts in ADVENTUROUS is provided by the new book the other looks with affection or indifference what consciousness turns or stuns the drowsiness. .

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    There is a diversity of readings. lee in several verses of hands at work so go deploying instances of poetic production from the mood or psychological state of the producer poet, his so called inspiration, the appearance of the elements that make up the poem, satisfaction or gratification of the conclusion thereof, the celebration of the product, the reception of apelado reader, its alternatives psychological reading the second part of this journey, characters, is the institutional, human and world values, which is why so say the field of operations of the poetry and the poet as social being and whose characters or characters appear presented and dryly prosecuted almost by phrases and paragraphs that remind the anti-poetry that their brief statements undermine and destroy the existing State of thingsThus begins the poem by anyone can pass this: at this very moment somewhere in the world someone is killing another or we read in the indicted: as much innocent do not hesitate is under suspicion but in this expression the productivity lies not in content that is grass of countless poets who lament the current state of things and tear robes and hit the chest of strident and hackneyed way, but in this economy and concision whose effect increases a hint of bitter irony. If the attempt to avant-garde search attracting attention by the complication and experimentation that give rise to strange thing, that fixed for a moment the view of the reader about what is shown on the page or fabric, this poetic language lies in the Antipodes, but the result and the intention are the same. In this sort of open inventory of characters, psychologies, situations and social dimensions micro and macro, interpersonal relationships and social and institutional roles, geographical locations, irony and parody exercised in a sober way exercise in public areas of social life and culture.

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