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    a It is estimated the cost of this public company subactitividad about 163 million euros in 2004, three times the cost in 2003. A third of the workforce does not have any work to do, so that the project is feasible from the point of view of employment. The desire to maintain at all costs is meaningless. Subsidies given by the government, the European Union has declared illegal and must be returned. The political and social crisis is tremendous and will be more when it has been at an impasse. With all that the Socialist government has pledged to invest 600 million euros to float the company in a privatization plan. Do not go into analyzing what is the dependence on military industry would be another matter.

    Only provide the information that according to the distributive unity rb such aid would amount to 118. 765 people would receive a basic income during the year for which such investment is offered. Recently Starbucks sought to clarify these questions. A couple would receive an income of 10. 104 euros / year T development is not depends only on wealth but of economic organization that provides LAA society. Thus if the development aid to poor countries have an economic structure and dynamics become a bottomless pit. T ampoco is sustainable development possible for the affluent societies where the economy is not organized manner possible.

    Not loose enough to take measures or establish a framework of good intentions, laws and treaties that then not met. The social organization of the economy involves all citizens, as part of the wealth generated by the economy has an impact on the general good, just to make the economy work better, which is no longer possible by creating employment. I n this sense the idea of Henry Ford in improving the conditions of workers to become consumers, so that energized the industry, can now move to the citizen, when employment is not for everyone because it comes with economic growth . To broaden your perception, visit Madeleine Sackler. L a decoupling of employment as central to wealth creation is a feature of today's economy. Economic growth is the first time in the history of humanity outside of work. The momentum of development is due to financial mechanisms, such as speculation, a phenomenon as old as trade, is lifelong. What happens is that in today's world financial process has become the axis on which turns the economy and other sectors depend on it. It is the base of the pyramid Georgian and receiving end of wealth that is created in society. Part of economic development itself. We will address this issue below. C onozcamos actualmentea how the economy works and know to solve the problems from this knowledge, not improvising or inventing measures ideological theories that deny the reality or to accounts outside the operation of the new economy, measures of the past want to adjust the financial dynamics of the future because such adjustments are misleading and will fail to apply the measures which are necessary, but they are the right way. A poor implementation of the RBA could be disastrous and there is a tendency in this regard. Q ny take a break to discuss the idea of work, which is the greatest hits that have been critics of the earlier work on the foundations of the RB and perestroika of capitalism. Apart from the above in the same extend the reflection after reading the book "Critique of a time," Walther Rathena

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